Sunday, June 13, 2010

Losing Myself

There is just so much that a first Blog should be about. To be honest I should be telling you about me and who I am. This particular blog I must go a different route. Have you ever been stuck in a place where you wish that everything that you wanted would just be there for you. You've worked so hard to love the ppl around you and ask them happy that you lose who you are. Honestly I think that is where I am. i have tried for so long to please everyone else to keep them in my life that I have truly lost who I am.

A lot of times I sit and just pray that things will get better. Like my life will take a drastic turn for the better but then there are other times when its like well damn things cant get any worst. I have so many people in my life and to tell the truth I really don't know how to categorize them. Brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, friends, best friends but to tell the truth all of it is starting to mean nothing to me anymore.

I used to feel as though my life was nothing but a TV show and although I couldn't see the cameras they were always there. I say it time and time again that I love you but why do I say it when people don't show it back. I can sit here and name 30 ppl whom I honestly love to death but can they say the same. Should that honestly change how I feel about them, or should i just let it all go.

Well I just need to say it one last time, I Love You Dad, Papa, Mom, Jr, Mario, Brandon, Lee, Brynt, Mikeal, Jarrian, Tony, Roderick, Sam, Katina, Trey, Warren, Bry'Nt London, Nick, My Bestie Pm and My wifey James. but if you guys dont feel the same way then just say it. This is just the way I feel and Its not intended to make anyone mad I just have a lot on my mind.

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