Monday, June 14, 2010



My head so full of would tip over with a touch. Brimming to the rim and sloshing in the heavy to carry, yes to heavy for me. But i don't want to pass it on; uh uh not me. I hang my head low so low, but ever still balancing my load. Keeping it from tipping tipping, but will it implode? I carry my burden, uh huh i carry it alone; no one shall help carry my burden no way i do it alone. Surly surly another would drown in such a place, o yes they would; drowning in my head they would. So i do say if i do say myself, my aquarium is full, o yes it is; and until i drain it i will stay the way I is, o yes i is

Written By: Q'Pid

Wooo second blog for the day. Well sitting here thinking bout some things and my bro poem came to me. Sometimes we sit and allow things that out of or control and things that are make us feel full in a lack of words.We sometimes sit back and lose site of who we are and the thing we try to achieve. We need to release the things tat are holding us and move on to a bigger better life. love you Mario thanks for letting me use this

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