Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

So this weekend just passed was Baltimore's pride. I must say that alot of the performers that hit the stage on Saturday kinda sucked. I enjoyed Miss Coco Montrese performance to the Janet Jackson mix. She really looked the part and really gave alot of energy. Onyx Revlon did very good also with her performance. You could honestly tell that Saturday's pride was entirely devoted to the Non-colored people though. They had a couple of heavy metal bands who honestly gave me an headache...LOL. The parade was very nice though if I must say so myself. Mr. and Mrs Grand Central looked good so Ms Gay Maryland and Ms Gay Maryland.

Sundays Pride was really cute. I met a whole shit load of new people as well as got the chance to see my lil boo...lol Angel (He's gonna kill me) one of DC Star club promoters. All in all Sunday was a whole lot better. Ms Ericka Chloe, Tony Nelson, and Sabrina Blue Hosted the show. There were plenty of performers of all races, sizes, and more. Some of the Performers included Naomi Chloe, Helena Hologram, Tyra Starr, Eric Rainbow, Latreese, Danielle Revlon, Deja Vu, Onyx Revlon, Coco Montrese and Much much more. All of there performances were great.

All in all I beleive the weekend went pretty well. I think that octobers pride will be even better. As I can see new things and new people coming our way. I have to say congrats to my mom Helena Hologram who put the show together on Sunday. O and let me just say Happy Birthday To My Big Sis Ericka Chloe.....

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