Monday, August 23, 2010

Monica: O No!!!!!!!

So apparently Monica really has love all over her and Its not from her former fiance Rocko but from NBA player Shannon Brown. Last we saw on Monica still standing which aired January 2010 on BET Monica and Rocko were happy but who knows whaat happen from then to now. But over the past couple of days some social site have been calling Monica a home wrecker and blaming her for the breakup of Brown and his girlfriend for 7 yrs. Its reported that the two have children together and after meeting R&B superstar he just up and left them. Brown released a a statement saying "I am here to set the record straight", he later goes on to say "Monica is my girlfriend confident and a strong successful business woman that has been through alot herself but she is in no way a home wrecker. "I understand that parenting requires a partnership with my sons mother however the relationship fizzled a long time ago."

This "HOMEWRECKER" syndrome is something crazy that is hitting the entertainment industry. First its Alicia Keys, then Fantasia, now Monica whos next. But my thing with this is why do you fault the woman when the men knew they were in relationships and decided to take a friendship to the next level. Honestly lets look at the situations.... Get real people and get the real facts.. But lets hope this is an end to the "HOMEWRECKERS"

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