Friday, August 20, 2010

Spot Light on Youtube: Tee Arnold

Terrence Arnold also known as Tee Arnold is known on youtube for his infamous arguments wit fast food junkies is one of youtubes, facebooks, and twitters most influential people. Known for his modeling and sing he definitley a sex symbol. Recently featured and co starring alon Newnue on 1on1 with yoboinewnue he offers his veiws on life love and the oursuit of happiness. if there was one word to describe him to me it would be humble. He takes what ever comes his way and tells the story to empower the people in his life.

When I forst met him his voice wasnt developed but then as he grew the next couple of months his voice evolved to something spectacular and for a 21 year old he has a long way to go. His future is bright. Tee can be seen on 1on1 with newnue every week, you can also catch him on his personal channel

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