Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Emotional or Emotionless

Sorry guys that I have been away so long but I was away in ATL and I have plenty of stories to blog about from there. I so happend to stumble across a video that my brothers posted today entitled Emotional Sex and decided to piggy back on the subject.

The question is: Is it physically capable for a Man or Woman, straight, gay or bisexual to have emotionaless sex? Well in my opinion I believe that you can have emotionless oral sex. When penetration is envolved I beleive that it takes a relationship whether its jus sex or more to the next level. Emotional sex can include a range of things as well as emotions. It could be sex out of anger, out of love, out of boredom or any other type of emotion so yes all sex is tied to emotion in one way or another. So then the question turns can you have sex with someone without reaching a deeper connection.

With pornstars they have to create some type of chemistry with a person in order to produce a successful shoot. So does that mean that there emotion is involved or Does it mean that every person they come in contact with they will wont. This topic is really broad and really could be seen in so many ways. So you tell me is it possible to have emotionless sex with a person?

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