Wednesday, October 27, 2010

E.B.O.N.Y: The Mikeal Race Interview

I sat down with a chat with my long time friend and sis Mikeal Race. We discussed his career and different views on things going on in the world. Trust me its a rare thing to find a young man whom is very educated and well rounded as him. Here is my interview with the 20yr old Ballroom and Adult star Icon Mikeal Race/Ebony

 Who is Mikeal?

Mikeal is just a regular person that just wants to have fun and enjoy his surroundings ......

What is the difference between Mikeal Ebony and Mikeal Race?
The difference between Mikeal Ebony and Mikeal Race. Mikeal Ebony walks balls and Mikeal Race stars in adult films. Mikeal ebony more sassy and Mikeal Race is more laid back.

What sparked you brief segment in porn?

Well porn wasn't really something I really wanted to do it just happened. When I actually got a chance to experience it, it kind of grew on me.  I do it but I'm not that deep in it though.

What are your views on the several young men that killed themselves do to  bullying?

My view on the situation about those committing suicide over bullying its sad and very mind blowing. I don't think anyone should go through that at all. And there doing it cause people are heartless and I think us being homosexuals should come together on that.

 What are your many talents?

One of my many talents is music. I myself was blessed wit the capability to sing . I love music whether I'm singing or listening to anyone else.

Who was your inspiration to start doing the ballroom?

Well my first time going to one of my hometown gay pride picnics I got a chance to see a little part of the ballroom scene, which was a few people dancing which is called vogueing. Ever since I saw it I always told myself I wanted to learn that cause it was very entertaining and in my eyes something I could see myself doing cause it was different.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Five years from now I definitley see myself more stable... Committed, working, and doing Professional modeling.

If you could reach any young people right now what would be your message to them?

If I got a chance to reach out to younger people I would say never be embarrassed of who you are. Never let anyone bring you down about whatever it is that you like doing or want to be.  Worry about whats best for you Love yourself and always keep a smile on ya face.

Any last words?

I really don't have any last words lol .....

Mikeal may be young but for a 20yr old he has his mind made up about his goals in life and where he wants to be with his life. I think that we could all learn a thing or two from this young man. To see clips of Mikeal vouging go to and search Mikeal Ebony.


  1. Good interview Mikeal. I will say that I know this dude is definitely a good person all around. I can say this because I know him personally. He will be good at what ever he does. Continued to stay focused on your dreams and goals Mikeal, I know you will make things happen. Much Love to Ya. .....

    Rock Rockafella

  2. This is cute. I'm very proud of you doing what makes you happy. Eventually this storm with pass.... Keep your head up!! Always, Angel

  3. Hey my love very proud of you no matter what keep doing the things that bring you peace much Love and Respect! (Pops)


  4. Hey my love very proud of you no matter what keep doing the things that bring you peace much Love and Respect! (Pops)


  5. You are good dude nd strive for the best

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