Friday, October 29, 2010

In The nude

So I just cant sit still and let this one past by. Nudity must be the new "IT" thing for celebrities. Over the years there has been plenty of Celebrity nude photos that have surfaced, the most recent was Kanye West. My personal belief is that they are nothing but a bunch of publicity stunts. I mean look at this Ray J and Kim Kardashian make a sex tape, make tons of money, get recognized for the video then split. There is a rumored video going around about Lindsey Lohan giving oral gifts to people. Dorian from BET's hit show College Hill nude photos and guy from the One Hit wonder group Brother. I mean come on now really if you need to make money do what every other artist does hussle. Dont wait til your career is on the edge of being over or you dont have a career at all. Do something to try to make you name a brand. Now as for Kanye West he's a different story he's just crazy.

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