Monday, November 15, 2010

Cakes for Sale: The Dunkin Hines Interview

So over these past few weeks i began to talk to a friend and fellow blogger of mines named Dunkin Hines and lets just say the gloves came off in this interview as no topic was left untouched...

Who is Dunkin?

Hmm let me see, Dunkin is my alter ego. He is the more freakier and uninhibited version of myself (Will ). I got the name Dunkin from someone on twitter and it stuck with me. He called me Dunkin Hynes because he thought my "cakes" aka booty was "Moist" and "Delicious" just like it says on the Duncan Hines cake mix.

What was it that made you start your own blog site?

Well I started Dunkins Playground after many failed attempts at blogs. I finally was like I need a cohesive theme this time around. Before I use to get all over the place, but now Dunkin Hynes is who I am and Dunkins Playground is my brand. But back to the question, I started The Playground to give a voice to the Urban Gay Porn Market but in a very intelligent way.

So because your blog basically a porn blog do you get a lot of views?

I wouldn’t say I get views because it’s a porn blog, I think people just enjoy how the blog looks and my tops. But also that its easy to read, and I'm funny. LOL

What was the thing that started you in the gay lifestyle?

Umm I think I was always gay, but that’s something for a different discussion. LOL But there are a lot of very important gay people, as well as they are influential and I wanted to be one of those.

Have you ever wanted to do porn?

I actually have done porn. I did it with Thugoverload/Thugmania. I was trying to represent for all the "thick" guys. The dudes that the guys in the hood want to see; you the big booty bottom, girly shaped guys.

What is your favorite porn company?

My favorite company is actually Breed it raw because I just love the dedication and effort he puts into his work. He started from making cell phone videos, to making movies on his website that everyone loves.

Who has been your favorite person to interview and why?

Honestly, It’s a tie between Rock, and Angyl because Rock pretty much introduced you to the next stage for Dunkins Playground with the video interviews. But Angyl is just a hot mess and I love that. He is like the more freakier side of me. I mean I love it, and his responses had me on the floor.

How do you feel about the HIV epidemic that is facing the community?

I think that it's sad that as a whole African Americans have a high HIV rate. Especially with young African American males. As a community we need to get together and educate ourselves on the importance of regular testing and using protection. We need to get out of this DL phase we are in as well. I mean if you want to be DL that’s fine but be smart. Don't think you can have sex with like 10 girls before you can come home to me and then were not using a condom because were in "love". If you love me then you better put a "condom" on. SIMPLE!

What are your feelings about raw porn?

Raw porn is a fantasy that people want to see. I personally, don’t enjoy it because I think its unsanitary. But its dangerous because at the end of the day I don’t really know how many people you had sex with. Now days porn companies are pairing people up with their same HIV status. So more than likely positive models are having raw sex with positive models and the same goes for negative models. I guess that is their solution to the problem.

Ok lets get personal LOL. Are you currently single?

Yes I am Single...and currently accepting Applications and Resumes =D So me your resumes here : Thanks =D I'm single because I refuse to settle for just anyone and I want to get myself together before I let someone into my life. I want to be well put together so I can give them the best of me.

Do you believe in a honest relationship?

I do. I think there can be a honest relationship but both parties involved have to be commitment. Honesty is a two way street. So both people need to take it seriously.

What is it that you look for in guys?

I'm simple because I look for normal things. I'm not going to say you need to have a huge penis, or a big ole ghetto booty, or the best body. NO. But what I want is someone that is mature, honest, truthful, has a great sense of humor because I love to laugh. Please take good care of yourself because I hate when I see dudes in the street and they look dirty. I hate it! Be down to earth and open minded because I like to try new things.

What is it that you look to accomplish in the future?

I actually want to be like the B-Scott but for porn. I think I can do it. I want to be the one that can make or break careers. No that’s mean, but I want to be able to say I have sponsors and endorsers. =D

Is it anything that you would like to say to encourage my viewers?

Id like to say that TJ is a great friend of mine now, as well as a fellow blogger. We need to support to each other because its not easy. He is doing what he likes so support him. He is one of the friends of The Playground =D Dunkin Approves!!!!

Dunkin Hynes

CEO of Dunkin's Playground : Gay Black Porn, Gay Thugs, Big Dicks and Bubble Butts

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