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I'm Doin Me: The Metrell Hurst Interview

So I decided to take a brief brake from my normal interviews with pornstars and female illusionist to interview someone from the real world. I got the chance to meet a unique individual Named Metrell Hurst and lets say this hott boy went all the way for his sit down with Share my World

Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with me Metrell it means alot

- Not a problem thank you for the interview actually.

Who is Metrell Hurst?

- Who is Metrell Hurst hmmm great question. Metrell is passionate, Determined, Motivated Artist who writes and sings his own music. Who is is inspired by anyone who is inspiring! All my life I had been looking for something, and everywhere I turned someone tried to tell me what it was. I accepted their answers too, though they were often in contradiction and even self-contradictory. I was naïve. I was looking for myself and asking everyone except myself questions which I, and only I, could answer. It took me a long time and much painful boomeranging of my expectations to achieve a realization everyone else appears to have been born with: that I am nobody but myself. So who is Metrell Hurst... Well I am that am and all that i can be and I achieve and strive to be the best that i can be. I am Metrell Hurst.

Besides basketball and singing what is it that you enjoy doing?

-I love to write, such as poems, songs, screen plays...etc. I love a good movie, bowling, paintball, anything outdoors like rock climbing rafting and things in that manner. I love to have fun and surrounding myself with fun and positive people. Believe it or not I love to COOK! And i can cook anything you throw my way! And i enjoy eating lol

What was the moment in your life that made you realize that you wanted to be with a man?

-Its not the fact that i realized i wanted to be with a man its the fact of me being NATURALLY attracted to man, is of reasoning why i am with a man. I didn't just wake up one morning and decided i was gay, Its something i have always known and tried to fight. Coming from a religious family like mine and being that i am from the south things are a little different. My mom is a minister so its tough being yourself in the midst of my family! But that didn't change the fact that well i am myself.

What was it that made you join the military and what branch?

- Well i was running away from life and grief! I witnessed my best friend get shot in the head with a gun to my head as well. Dealing with that kinda emotion drains you. I quit school (University of Memphis) and went home for a couple of weeks and i just couldn't deal with life around me. So i went to the first recruiting office which happened to be the Navy and i told them i wanted to join and i wanted to leave ASAP! A week later i was in boot camp in Chicago.

Was it difficult being in the military and you knowing you were attracted to guys?

-Wasn't difficult being in the military for me at all. There are several guys attracted to guys in the military, so is actually kinda easy being attracted to guys being in he military we just keep it on the low. I actually got kicked out of the military for being gay. Although i got an Honorable Discharge its one of the most embarrassing things Ive dealt with.

So you are currently on a basketball team, what was it that made you want to play in the gay leagues?

-I'm gay, and Love supporting my people. Basketball is something i love to do and is one of the many gifts and talents i was blessed with. The NYC GAY LEAGUE is so much fun and have the best people with the most amazing personalities I've met in a while. I am actually apart of 2 teams one is with the NYC Gay Basketball League and the other is with a team called X-Factor a new team we just started that's in the National Gay Basketball League, we play all over the states in tournaments and have a blast! I'm not sure if you ever heard for the LOGO series called Shirts & Skins but that's exactly what the league is.

I have had the privilege of hearing you sing for your bday, What was the day like when you realized you wanted to sing?

-Oh this is easy. I was sitting in church when i was 5 years old and the Choir was singing Jesus Be a Fence! And i started singing and my mom was looking at me like where that come from and they put me in the choir. From that moment on singing has been my life. Music is my Life.

How do you think people will feel being a openly gay singer?

-I'm not worried about people and what they think about me being an openly gay artist. I'm going to strive to be what i want to be regardless. Either you will like me or not but i promise you one thing that you cant deny is that i am talented and blessed. So talk about me, judge me. I'm still OK. Somebody specially to me told me that being gay is just like the color of our skin, its not a disease, a sickness, or a phase. Its life. I'm living my life and i happen to enjoy the same sex. Does that make someone that enjoys the opposite better than me. NO! We are all the same and we are God's children. I get judge so much be religious people talking about how i am sinning but yet, they are having sex and not married, dipping and dabbing in and out of clubs, says any and everything that comes to there tongue but judge me (Judge) for my sin. The bible says a sin is a sin there is none greater than the other. I don't see being gay any different that being straight, any different from the color of my skin and i use that reference because its so close to racism because of the discrimination but its all the same. Let me live my life the way i choose and allowed to and you live yours he way you choose. I'm not wrong living through my experiences. So the thought of others about my openness isn't a factor.

Do you think there will be a difference between you being a openly gay singer vs Brynt being an openly gay rapper?

-It is not our purpose to become each other; it is to recognize each other, to learn to see the other and honor them for what they are. There is no difference from Bryant striving to be the best that he can and follow his dreams. We all should follow our heart, goals and dreams no matter being gay straight or bisexual.

If you will allow me to get personal for a moment and ask Are you currently single?

-Yes i am single for the first time in a LONG LONG TIME! I just got out of a relationship and the break up actually took alot out of me. Alot of hurt and pain on both sides. But, the experience was amazing. They taught me so much about being myself, love, and seeing everyone as equal because i had a huge problem with everything that the gay community offered and i looked at myself as being better because i don't wear makeup, or I'm not fem, I'm not in a house or ball room scene and he woke me up and made me realize they are me. I represent them. Doesn't matter how fem you may act, or how much makeup you have on, or you wear a wig or whatever the case my be those are my people and i love them dearly! My experiences from this person changed my life! They should me how to truly love. Now the hurt and pain and the cause of the break-up is personal and between us. But i do Love them and i wish them nothing but the best and i support them in anything anything they do.
 Are you looking for a relationship?
- Am i looking well.. No. I'm not looking for a relationship i am looking for love. So if a relationship comes with love then it has me. Love has the key to my heart and my life. I live to love and i love living to love!

You a such a romantic guy, what is it that your man can look forward to after a very long day of work?

-Awww thank you so much. I consider myself as very romantic as well and my man can look forward to coming home to love, and whatever that comes with. A Fully cooked meal, a hot shower or bath, a massage if they want. Shit some good ass love making and everything that comes with that. Look forward to coming home because you know love is there.

What is your workout regiment like?

-My workout huh.. Well It involves running, dumbbells, free weights and a gym lmao any more info your going to have to pay me.. I cant be giving away my body secrets lmao lol

If there was one thing you could say to a young man struggling wit his sexuality what would it be?

-your only struggling is yourself. Don't worry about the world. Let the world rage all around and realize that you are a blessing and no matter what anyone tells you, God has you in the palm of his hands. Look in the mirror and realize you are BEAUTIFUL a work of art! There is nothing more special than you. Know your worth, and realize that what you have to offer is someone Else's blessing. I love you, because you need to know that someone does. I care for you because you need to know someone does. Now, you know that one person cares for you look around because there are many more. Now do us a favor and love yourself, and care for yourself because that's all that matters. I have a video to help anyone who is struggling themselves and always hear they will never be nothing or just needs motivation and needs to be inspired. I love you guys! (If you got to YouTube and type in Jennifer Hudson: Invisible (HOT VIDEO) from: cockrunner15 or Mrmetrell you can see it!)

Any last words for my viewers?
 - Yes. Just remember, the same as a spectacular Vogue magazine, remember that no matter how close you follow the jumps: Continued on page whatever. No matter how careful you are, there's going to be the sense you missed something, the collapsed feeling under your skin that you didn't experience it all. There's that fallen heart feeling that you rushed right through the moments where you should've been paying attention. Well, get used to that feeling. That's how your whole life will feel some day. This is all practice. None of this matters. We're just warming up.

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