Monday, November 22, 2010

Solid as a Rock: The Rock Rockafellaz Interview

So this is it the exclusive interview with one of the hottest guys in porn today Rock. Trust we cover every subject and topic that you all want to hear and more.

Who is Mr Rock Rockafellaz?

I am of course. A person that is very easy to talk to and very approachable. I know that sometimes people feel that if they approach certain adult entertainers that they will pop off to them. I can assure you that it will not be that way with me. I am very down to earth and caring and considerate of others. When it comes to business I am very oriented and try to stay on top of things. I am person just like everyone else out there, except I do adult films.

What made you start calling yourself the gansta of porn?

Well I wanted to come out and did not want people to associate me with the "thug category”. Being called the gangsta of porn I feel kind of separates me from all the others. Even though you have companies out there that have names for their sites and call it gangsta porn. Mine is a little more deeper than how they look at it. Gangstas or Gangsters were always looked at as ones that got respect by giving respect. With looking at it that way would explain why I feel that I have a good standing in the public and fans eye. I respect them because with out them we would not be where we are. On the flip side they respect most of us. When I am on camera I am doing my best to give the fans what they want. As you all know I don’t get into the whole hardcore talking when I’m performing. Not saying that I’m faking anything because I’m not.

What was your big break in porn?

Well it started when I did my first movie with Freak Dawg Productions in Atlanta. The first movie I did was “A Piece of the Rock” That is what kicked it off. Then when I met up with Marvin Jones from BC Productions and did “Once Upon A Time In New York 3” it was over. I had become someone to keep an eye on and I feel that I set a new tone for the black gay porn industry. One particular scene that everyone still talks about it the scene with me and Remy Mars when I fucked him on the staircase.

How long have you been doing porn?

I have been doing porn for many years now. Surprisingly I have made a good mark in the game.

What would you say made you so successful?

The love and support from the fans, the respect that I have for my supporters. The fact that I communicate with the fans makes a big difference in my success as well. Other things that plays a part in my success is friends and the other Producers that I have worked with in the past.

How many studios and videos do you have?

I have worked for about 4 different studios. I have actually lost track of how many videos I actually have out lol. I will say that I have a hell of a lot.

What was the vision for you when you started Rockafellaz Ent?

My vision was too create a company that would offer a different look at vibe for the Adult Gay Film Industry. I think I have added a little twist with how I do things and what I do and provide on film. As well as how my filming and directing skills are shown. My vision is still continuing and will continue to be strong and grow.

What sparked your "Divorce" from Flava works?

Lol. I knew this was going to come up somewhere. Sorry I cant discuss that.

So because you left Flava Works has your vision for Rockafellaz changed?

My vision was never affected by me joining or leaving. I will say that the look of Rockafellaz Entertainment will be something to see, so stay tuned.

So being that Rockafellaz Ent does a lot of Raw porn, How do you feel about the HIV epidemic and do u feel like it has affected the porn community?

I feel that its not something that should be directed solely on the porn industry because its an issue that is existing on both sides of the fence. I'm sure in some way shape or form the industry is affected by it. I cannot speak on behalf of every company. I will say that it doesn’t start in the industry. When people go out and have sex with people (I’m speaking of adult film stars) and don’t find out information about who they are being sexually active with, then yea that can cause problems because when they come back to work and aren't tested there is an issue. Yea I am aware that people do lie about being tested. Sometimes you have to go that extra mile and find out. Another thing to keep in mind in the industry is that you know what you are getting yourself into, it sex. You have to be smart in everything that you do. But in turn, this type of thing goes on outside the industry as well. Its unfortunate that the HIV epidemic is where it is today in porn and outside of porn. We all just need to do our part and be more educated on the situation. I am not saying bareback porn is bad because its not like bareback isn't done in peoples day to day sex life. I mean look on Xtube. People are fucking raw all the time. This can go on and on lol.

Are you currently in a relationship or talking to anyone?

Nah, I’m single. Just been focusing on me right now.

Besides porn what else is it that Rock enjoys doing?

Wow a fun question. I didn’t think I would get one lol. Well I like going to the movies and chilling at home. I like going out to eat sometimes. Watching cartoons is another one of my favorite things when I’m chillin at home. What? Yea I like watching cartoons. Shit, I mean that is what helps me maintain my youthfulness. I’m a big fan of Dragonaball Z, The Avatar the Last Airbender and of course Family Guy. I definitely get into my video games on my PS3.

What is it that we can look forward to from you and your company in the future?

Well there will be a new look coming starting from the Logo to new movies. The website will also be going through a major transformation. Again I hope that you all will come back to me once the site is back up and running.

Is there anything else that you would like to say to your

Sure. I want to say thank you to everyone for everything that you all have done for me and and for Rockafellaz Entertainment. Because of you Rockafellaz will move on and be one of the most recognizable companies in the industry. I love you all and I appreciate you more than you will ever know. And remember........Keep It Gangsta!


  1. It was a cute interview =D. Keep up the good work.

  2. I enjoyed this interview. Its cool to "get to know" the man behind the dick