Thursday, December 2, 2010

Diamonds are Forever: The Aunye Diamond interview

So in the spirit of showing diversity on my site I decided to bring Ms Aunye Diamond to give us The Scoop on her and her life.

Who is Ms. Aunye Diamond?

Aunye Iman Diamond is just an illusion, she is my (Jae) Alter-ego she does thing that I just won't do. She is an business woman,entertainer and trendsetter.

Who was it that inspired you to be a female illusionist?

The person that inspired me was Carmen Onassis from Virginia Beach, Va it was only suppose to be a turn about show and Aunye took off from there. The day of the show I had not come up with a name and had no clue what I was doing or getting myself into but the patrons and my friends enjoyed it and so did I.

Do you remember the first time you transformed and if so what was it like for you?

WOW the day I transform was a long long long day for me, thinking about a name, what to wear, make-up, hair, song chose again it was a turn about show but i was putting to much into it, because where I am from the entertainers don't play this is their life so I had to make an impact. My sister was a big supporter (Keera St. James Houston) R.I.P. she did my make-up help me get my body (lol) right, and she stood by me 100%.

What was your breaking point that helped you realize you wanted to be gay/bisexual?

Well i never had a breaking point I was always interested in boys, when my brother, cousin and friends where chasing girls I was in the house playing dress up in my female cousin clothes lol. Now as I got older I played the straight boy role, I had girlfriends only to fit in with my peers and what came out of all that was a daughter. Now my daughter means everything to me, and by the way her name is Aunye also, she is my heart. My 2nd year in college it was time for me to live the life I wanted to and coming out of the "closet" and I didn't care what no one thought about me.

Do you remember how you came out to your family if you have?

Well I never got a chance to come out to my mom because my sister bestfriend ran off at the mouth for me. That day was one of the worst in my life, my mom told me "GOD didn't love me, I was going to HELL", then she told me I was to never mention this to my stepfather, that a gay person was living in his house. My sister was really cool with it, my oldest brother hated me for a while, my biological father smacked me and then gave me a hug and the smack was for me not coming and talk to him and if you know anything about the latino background, they really look down on homosexuality, but since I have come out to him he has been my number one supporter along with my 2 younger brothers. Now out of saying all of this as the years went on me and my mom have become the best of friends and I still have not actually told my stepfather but he knows and he has never looked at me any other way but as his child.

What are your views on gay marriage?

My views on gay marriage............... I feel that the bible and law should not coinside. The law makers always refer to the bible as a reference when the bible was written over by man. But when it come to the law, the goverenment should not be able to tell me who I can and can't love or marry.

ok We are gonna get to some fun questions lol

How did you feel when Ricky Martin finally came out?

LOL what took so long. We all knew, we were just waiting on him to tell everybody.

Who are some of your favorite people to impersonate?

My favorite person is Mary J. Blige but I also enjoy Whitney Houston (old Whitney)

What are some of the other activities you enjoy?

Well I enjoy my career, Cosmetology and Make-up, I love to sewing and just being around family. I am a big fan of a healthy family, weather it is my gay family or my biological family, my biological family knows my gay family and my gay kids respect that and they call my daughter their sister, and they call my father pops and mother and so forth. So I really enjoy a happy family.

So actually how many Diamond kids do you have? lol

Now as far as the Diamond kids their are 28 from coast to coast and we are all close as a family, and biological there is Aunye, TeAnna and Tyler (my husband Adonius Diamond biological kids) so we are one big family. Now don't ask me about grandkids cause i have no clue lol.

With the 2012 elections fastly approaching do you honestly think Sarah Palin has a chance?

To be totally honest I really do think that Sarah Palin has a chance. The reason I say this is because it is not possible for Obama to pull this country back together in one term and so many people think that he is not doing enough but when u look at it in detail he also have to answer to people as well. In the meantime the Republican are growing stronger and the democratic are slowly drifting away now that we have a black President lets stick beside him 100%. There will be some things that we will not agree with but remember everything is done for a reason and just because we don't see the reason, he has our interest at heart to better assist us as needed.

What is something you would tell a young man or woman who is struggling with there sexuality?

Just be yourself. You can not live to please everyone cause you will not live to please yourself. Make sure you are HAPPY with yourself first, and everyone else that really loves you will still be there for you.

Is there anything else that you would like to say?

The moto that my family live and breath by: Surround yourself with the best and forget the rest!!!!!!!!! Diamond for life

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