Saturday, December 11, 2010

Malo The Don

So this week I decided to go back to something that my viewers like and that interviews so I hit up my boy Malo on twitter and lets just said this interview got real Juicy

Who is Malo?

Malo is a 'bad gentlemen' lol. A trendsetter, go getter, and an individual who doesn't follow but leads. I go up not down. I'm caring, genuine, intelligent, A FREAK...down to earth and humble. I can get crazy from time to time, but nothing too serious, just don't cross me the wrong way. You respect me I respect you. Its simple.

What made you decide to do porn?

I had always been curious as to what the industry was all about and I believe that anything you want to do in this life do it. You have one to live why not experience it all?

So what made you decide to join Cocodorm?

I did not decide to join cocodorm. Lets say they were in need of a few fill ins and I agreed to it. Believe me, that's not really my thing, and if I would have known about it before I experienced it, it would have def. been a no go.

I read that you are bisexual so what made you want to be with a guy?

I am greedy lol. I love girls, but I always felt like I was missing something. I wasn't completely satisfied. I had a little interest in dudes, but never thought I would act on it, but when I did, I guess you can say it changed my whole outlook. I'm satisfied with both now.

So what is it that you like in a man and what is it that you like in a girl?

I like the way that another man can relate to me. I like the masculinity of a man, and the dominance that a man is suppose to have. That Alpha male attitude turns me on. In females its the simpleness, the unmistakable beauty. The gentleness and submissiveness

What are you taking up in school and what made you choose it?

My major is Electronic Media with a minor in graphic design and I chose the major because I'm very creative. I love art ( it runs through my blood) and I want to own my own production company one day producing music videos. It will happen, watch and see.

Are you currently in a relationship?

No I am not currently in a relationship.

What do you think is the success or fail of your relationship?

Well the success in the past was trust and honesty, the fail was not being honest. I hate liars and a lot of people lie for no reason, even over the smallest of things. When you truly have someone who's for you, they wont judge or criticize you, so you should be able to tell them anything and everything. Someone you feel you have to lie to is someone who you cant confide in which is someone you don't need to be with. If your lying because of something you did and feel the need to lie to "not hurt their feelings" your a looser and you have no balls. You did the crime, account for your responsibilities. *I wish my ex knew this.

Now some fun questions lol

What are some other activities you enjoy doing?

I love to workout. Even though Ive kind of fallen off from my old routine due to a hectic lifestyle. I do try to get in the gym at least twice a week. I enjoy sports, so going to basketball/football even baseball games is dope. I'm a really chill guy. I'm not that hard to please.

I read you were versatile do you like giving or receiving more?

umm lol I like to give and receive so its hard, to say which I like better. I like dudes for being dudes, so the smallest bit of femininity in a guy turns me off. Id much rather fuck a female if I have to go through all of that. I go through my moods where its like, ok I'm not trying to get fucked right now but you can jump on it lol and then damn, nigga I want you to beat my guts in. It all depends.

Whats your favorite position and why?

Well I have two. On my back and doggy style. I'm sure you know why. Both positions allow who ever's doing the fucking to have complete control (unless you know how to throw it back, then its 50/50) There's always deep penetration and I have the best orgasms.

What are your top 3 things you cant live without and why?

I cant live without my phone, sounds sad but its true. Id be lost to the world I cant live without my family. I mean everyone has to be loved right? & I cant live without sanity. I thank God that I am in my right mind. This life can be crazy sometimes and without sanity we'd just be here. Big ups to all my crazy people, I don't know how you guys do it.

What is some advice you would have for someone who are trying to break into the industry?

What is it about you that's going to make people cum? Do you have sex appeal? Follow your own rules. Don't do anything you don't want to do. Don't let people get to you. There's a lot of criticism in this industry. Weak minded individuals aren't going to make it. Take in the good with the bad and stand on your own two feet. Don't break under pressure. NETWORK. The more people you know the better exposure you'll have. Have fun and take yourself. Keep it sexy always.

Do you have any last words?
Thanks for having me. Thanks to my fans for the continued support. Follow me on Twitter @MaloDon (More to CUM so be on the lookout.)


  1. this dude does it for me!

  2. You have the nicest ass I've ever seen on a man.I'm a female.Your really turning me on.

  3. This man is sexy, confident, and secure with who he is, not to say incredibly handsome. His appearance, most definitely his eyes, lock you in and you feel the Latin heat. The body is breathtaking. The ass makes me weak. And, how he works it make a brother "stand at a attention". He needs to do less bottom and more top work cause the can fuck.

  4. He really is confident, I must admit we can relate because I don't care for effeminate boys neither. You might as well be a girl!!

  5. Is his twitter acount dissabled? I tried to follow him and I coulnd find his account on twitter. Does he have his own website?

  6. Goddamn the things I could do with that booty