Monday, January 3, 2011

Couples Retreat: The Deka and Tyson Interview

So in the spirit of The relaunch of The Scoop and The Scoop Ent. this exclusive interview with super sexy hot boys Tyson and Deka is certainly a Treat

Who is Tyson and Deka?

DK: Hmmm Well the better question is who am I today because im still young and still going through the process of figuring it out. Today I'm confident but very sensitive and emotional. I would like to think im really approachable and understanding. Humble and strong. Very level headed, open minded and very true to my real friends and family. I'm a lover and an entertainer. I'm a middle child in a family of 4 (3 boys 1 girl) so I had to fight for attention so naturally I went to entertaining and not just porn. I guess that's 22 year old Deka in a nutshell.

TK: I am a D.C. native. I'm also a former boxer. Passionate friend and lover. I have a Fiery personality meaning either I can provide warmth to anyone I come in contact with or I can devour anything in my path if im neglected or abused.

What started your intrest in the porn field?

DK: When I was young I was exposed to sex so my mind was always on it and my goals were to be a stripper, nude model, pornstar, and Olympian. So i guess i was interested since my preteens.

TK: Well I kinda came down on some hard times and needed some extra cash so I knew exactly how to get. Applied and got to work.

DK: I feel like thats what most guys truly go in for. Either that or they have a sexual apetite like me. I hope im not addicted.

TK: me neither!

How did you two become apart of Cocodorm?

TK: Actually im one of the first thugboys. A friend told me about cocodorm so I applied and they let me in.

DK:As for me I applied for three different sites and cocodorm happen to get at me the fastest so I went in head first.

Deka what was your first impression of Ty? Why?

Honest truth... ok, well I don't know why but I assumed he would be a cocky and into himself. I guess I thought that because of how attractive he is. I was only going to have sex with him and shoot him the dueces once I left but he proved me so wrong. He is the nicest, most sensitive, funny, person I know and im really attracted to that.

Tyson what was your first impression of Deka?

I didn't like him at first because when we did our first scene he bleed on me. I can say I was acting immature but I pulled him to the side and talked to him about it and it was over. We walked to the store and just had a really good conversation and the rest is history. Now that I'm older I realize dick wasn't meant for assholes. Especially tight ones.

Did you guys ever think that coming into the dorm you would find a relationship?

TK: No, that was the last thing on my mind.

DK: I been 3 times before tyson came and I made it a point before him not to get with anyone because i felt it'll be my sex and not me that got them liking me and I have too much respect to be someones "Boyfriend of the month".

TK: Yea we had real chemistry outside of sex. We could actually tolerate each other after the sex.

How long have you guys been together?

TK: 3 years on dec. 8th 2010

What would you say is the success behind yall relationship?

DK: understanding and communcation. Letting our arguments take it natural course then figuring out how to get past them and move on. It's hard but it takes dedication. Love isn't for the weak.

TK: Laughter communication and honesty. Just really taking the time to know each other.

What is the most challenging thing about your relationship and being in the porn industry?

DK: Hate to group us together and I mean that but gay guys are vicious and sneaky in general and I understand why but thats a different answer for a different question. Then on top of that we are in a very sexually charged atmosphere with a lot of other sexy guys. So if I wanted to cheat I could with most pornstars or fans ( I hate that word when refering to people) and they'll probably start shit for G.P. but If I can be completely honest I have to learn how to control my hormones. My natural attraction to guys. I just ask tyson for threesomes if there a hot bottom or vers we both want to dig out to get rid of that problem. But like I said it takes dedication and communication and understanding.

TK: Yea and you know how some people fall in love with sex rather then a person. Well, our business is sex so you get a lot of boyfriends you didn't even know you had. People have come after both of us and tried to get with either me or him seperately. They think either me or him is weak and will give in so they try both of us.

Are your families accepting of you relationship?

DK: My father don't know. I actually got back in contact with him but my mom don't really like the relationship but she likes tyson. She is very religious so I understand but fortunately im living for me and not her.

TK: I was brought up in foster care so my mom don't know Deka but she knows im gay and don't care.

So I hear you guys can sing. Who is the better singer? lol


TK: We both are.

DK: Well I think Tyson has a really nice tone to his voice. It's kind of rough but very controlled

TK: He has a nice bass going on. I'm a tenor. I think we both sound good.

DK: I try but I'm taking lessons next year. We both are.

What are you guys doing these day?

TK: Working and living in the real world. Porn is the fantasy. Hope most guys who see me at work don't get suprised. We're regular people who happen to have sex on camera and get paid to do so.

Has life changed for you guys since you left the dorm?

DK: Umm well in our regular life not really.

TK: Well we don't argue as much lol

What is some advice you would give to a couple who is struggling in there relationship?

TK: You have to communication and understanding from both parties. You have to be able to listen and talk. Communication is golden.

DK: LISTEN!!! LISTEN TO YOURSELF AND EACHOTHER!!! Everybody wants to be right but not everyone is right. Admit what you have done. Voice your opinion and figure out how to fix the issue.

Do you guys have any last words for your fans and my viewers?

DK: Just want to say im so happy I've met the guys I've met doing porn and being in the industry. I have met more good then bad. I appreciate the bad also. Some people gave me a hard time but what don't kill you makes you stronger. So cliche I know.

TK: From the bottom of my heart I want to thank everyone who has been with me from the beginning. My fan base has grown and gotten stronger. I appreciate all the love I get all the time. It's humbling and whenever I do any work I try to put my best foot forward for you guys.


  1. "Who IS Tyson and Deka?" IS? Really? No. "Who ARE Tyson and Deka?"

    Basic subject/verb agreement.
    He is ...
    They are ...

    Tyson and Deka = They = They are = Who are they? = Who are Tyson and Deka?

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