Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Is That My DJ: The Dj Blaze Interview

So recently I had the opportunity to get in contact with the Vault Miami Co-Owner and Primary DJ, DJ Blaze and let me tell you this one is one of my fav interviews.

Who is DJ Blaze?

DJ Blaze is one of the hottest djs out right now for the gay clubs, at least that Is what I have been told. lol

How did you become a DJ?

I started dj’ing about 2 years ago. My sister, DJ Surreal showed me all the basics and I just took it from there. When I first started dj’ing I know I was horrible but with a lot of practice and time, I can now call myself a real DJ. ;-)

How did you become part owner of The Vault Miami?

My partner and I decided to open up a club about 5 years ago. We looked around and he finally found the spot which is now known as The Vault Miami. It has been a long road, but a good one. It is def not an easy job, but I am loving it and wouldn’t change it for the world.

What was your childhood like and were you spoiled? Lol
Lol, yes, I was very spoiled. I pretty much got whatever I wanted from my parents. If my mom told me no to something, then I would go ask my dad and vice versa and eventually I would get what I wanted. I was born and raised in Belle Glade, FL. I normally stayed in the house playing video games and learning things on the computer. I wrestled and acted in plays in high school. I was a lot more shy back then. I didn’t like to be in big crowds and just spent time with close friends and family.

Can you tell what it was like when you realized your attraction for men?

Growing up I was very much attracted to guys but I thought It was just a phase. I was in relationships with girls and one broke my virginity at the age of 15. I didn’t actually act on my attraction for men until my senior year in high school. It was just a one time thing and I never did anything again with a man until about 1 ½ later. Soon after that, I starting liking men more and just came to terms with the fact of me being gay.

How did you come out to your family?

I told my oldest sister on the phone because rumors were starting to get to my family. My sister asked me and I was just tired of lying to people and I said “yeah, I’m gay”. She didn’t believe me and later that night I told my other sister, mom and dad. The reaction was nice. They were not happy about it but they said they would still love me no matter what. The day I told my mom was the day I stop caring what people thought about me.

Are you currently in a relationship? If so How long and What do you think is behind the success of your relationship?

Yes I am. I have been in a relationship for over 9 years. It is not easy, but we make it work. We have issues like anybody else, but we get pass them. Communication is the key.

What do you say to your haters when they come to The Vault Miami?

Lol, I love people that hate me for what I am doing with The Vault Miami. It keeps me working harder to be the best. The more they hate me, the more they will talk about me, but the question is do they really hate me or is it something deeper. When I see my haters, I just smile and keep it moving.

How did you come in contact with Blueyedsimba? Ive seen you guys hang out a lot

He actually came to the club for a party that we had at The Vault Miami for Shyori. After that we started communicating on twitter and eventually became cool. He is a good guy.

Now some fun questions lol

What is one article of clothing in you closet you cant live without and why?

I don’t know b/c I have so many. I do love t-shirts, so it would prob b one of them.

Who are two people you cant live without and why?
My mom and my youngest sister are the main 2. I know I will break down if anything happen to either one of them. Imma move to the next question b/c I don’t want to even think about something happening to them.

What are your favorite features on a man?

Eyes because they tell a lot. I love nice lips, it makes kissing more intense for me. Also, I love nice legs but I am not sure why. lol

What is something you would say to a young man/ woman who has a dream of becoming a DJ?

First I feel as though that person should find someone who is already a DJ to train them and if that is not possible, then go to a school for it. If all that fails then he/she can watch tutorials online on YouTube and other sites. The person would have to always be looking for the new and hottest songs. Keep practicing b/c the more he/she practice, the better he/she will get.

Are there any last words for my viewers and your fans?

Just keep your look out on me, b/c you have not seen the best of me yet.


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