Monday, January 31, 2011

Yo you Rap: The Bry'Nt Interview

So I have the privilage of presenting this exclusive interview that I did with Rapper Bry'Nt. I met Bry'Nt a few years a go and he really became a good friend. Here is his interview.

Who is Bry'Nt?

Bry'Nt is a just man; with a few gifts and talents, in the pursuit of lasting happiness.

At what age did you realize that you wanted to be a rapper?
I began to take rapping seriously in junior high school, around the age of fourteen or fifteen.

Ok so I hear you use to be apart of a group can you share a little information about that?
In junior high school, a friend of mine and I formed a rap group called 3rd Degree. The group disbanded. Around the same time it disbanded I was recruited for an R&B/Hip-Hop group called Three, which also, later disbanded.

What was growing up like for you?
Growing up, I was very much a budding rebel, "out of control" so-to-speak. Always butting heads with my mother and authority figures. Very much on the brink of a disastrous fate.

How did you come out to your family, and what was the hardest part for you?
I never came out to my family, only my mother. I came out to her when she discovered adult movies in my room, she asked me if I was gay, and I confirmed that indeed I was. The hardest part about "coming out" was, and still is, is not being able to talk to anyone in my family about it.

When you were in school did you struggle with your sexuality?
Of course.

Once you came out did you lose a lot of people whom you considered to be your friend?

What was the inspiration behind your album Pornstar?
The inspiration behind "Porn Star" was just my crazy life. Every song makes light of what was going on, but in actuality, I was at my lowest point when most of those songs had been written. I named it "Porn Star" because during the recording process, straight men that worked in the studio would listen to it and rock with me, but, they were ashamed to admit they liked my music because I'm a gay artist. People do this a lot with pornographic movies -- they watch it, but won't admit to it.

Do you think that there will be a time for an openly gay rapper to go mainstream?
I think the time is upon us.

So recently you starred in Finding Me Truth, Was Acting something you always wanted to do?
I've always been involved in performing arts. It was something I did in school, I enjoyed doing it. So I guess a small part of me was passionate about taking it seriously.

What was the most challenging thing for you actually doing your first movie?
The most challenging thing for me was doing all of my own stunts. There is a running scene in the film that was shot over and over in 90 degree weather that I wasn't ready for.

Whats your inspiration behind your music?

How did you feel when you were asked if your music could be the theme song for an adult video?
I was scared because I knew my mother was going to kill me when she found out. But, I looked at it as another way for me to be heard. There is a time and place for everything, and in those instances where my songs were used in adult movies, it worked.

What did you mean when you said you are the Tiger Tyson of rap?
It was a joke born in the studio, meaning, lyrically, I will get in someone's ass.

So your new album is called Bry'Nt Park, What is the story behind the Title?
I named my album after the Bryant Park in New York City. A condensed version of the reason I named it that is because Bryant Park has a vast history of events, many of which are dark and gloomy from its birth in 1686 (1986 is when I was born). But now, you'd never be able to tell Bryant Park has gone through these tragic events because it's been fixed up. I feel as though my life has been the same way. People look at me are unable to tell that I've been through so many crazy things, it's all well hidden.

What is it that you hope your music can do for all those who listen to it?
My hope for my music is to give young, black, gay men the confidence to do whatever they want to do, and never be locked in fear due to their sexuality.

Do you have any beefs with any other rappers rather gay or straight?

Ok so I have to ask you how do you feel about Nicki Minaj?
I like her music.

If you were stuck on a island for 3 years who are 3 people and 1 item you couldnt live without?
If I was a stuck on an island for three years, the three people I'd take are my brother and my two younger cousins. They'd be fun to be around for three years. The one item I can't live without is water.

What can we look forward to in the future from Bry'Nt?
In the future I will be putting out a lot of music, continuing to do shows, among other projects that I hope to accomplish.

What are some words of inspiration you have for an openly gay artist that are trying to break into the industry?
Whatever it is you want to do make sure you're great at it (practice a lot!). Whatever someone won't do for you, do it yourself. Do your research on what you need to do to be heard. Never give up. And have fun with it.

Do you have any last words for your fans and my viewers?
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