Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Erotic Stories #1: Meet John pt 1

Sitting at my desk one day in my office on the 11th floor of the M&T building I was checking emails and just had came off of lunch when my assistant called in and and said "Mr Harris, your 2o'clok is here." I was like ok send them in. There in front of me stood my best friend and her new found boyfriend coming in to start there own joint account. "Pam" I said as she walked into my office with a big smile on her face as I greeted her. Her boyfriend came in behind her as this is the first time that we have met. "John this is Brandon my new babe, you know the one I have been telling you about", Pam said. "Wassup man", Brandon said as he walked in and eyed me up and down. I asked Pam what made them want to open a joint account so soon, as the had only been dating for a month. Pam said, "Because I love him, I don't think he will ever go anywhere."

As we sat in the office discussing at the particulars of the of the account and how the joint account will work I couldn't help but notice the way that Brandon kept looking at me and licking his lips. It started to make me feel very uncomfortable because dude was looking me up and down. As our meeting came to a close Pam invited me to dinner on the following night and I told her "looks like my schedule is free and you know I love your cooking Pam."  Brandon looked and said " It will be great having you" with a great big smile on his face.

As the night passed I just couldn't help but think about why Brandon kept looking at me the way he did. Better yet why he kept looking at me and licking his lips. I went to bed that night with a lot on my mind as I had really been stressed out at work, then Pam whom is like my sister and this boy Brandon. It all really was starting to take its toll on me. The next morning I got up and got myself prepared as i usually do. Took my shower washing every inch of my body literally, but for some reason this morning I was very horny. So as I am in the shower I start to think about Gina one of my ex girlfriends who knew how to please a nigga. Gina was the type of girl where you could tell her to drop on her knees anywhere and she would. Just thinking about how good her head game was made all 9.5 inches of my pretty red dick get on brick. I couldn't help it this morning as I needed to bust this heavy fat nut. After I busted for the second time in the shower I realized that I was on my way to being late for work.

Being back at work this morning really put me back in the mind frame as to why was Brandon looking at me like that. This is a question in my head that will keep getting played back until I get the answer to it. My first client came in and we were discussing setting up new savings account and other things but again the only image in my mind was that of Brandon and the way he was looking at me and licking his lips. 6pm rolled around and I knew that 7pm I had to be at my sis Pam house. As I pulled up to Pam's house I had made up my mind to ask Brandon what was all that for.

I rung the doorbell and Brandon opened the door. He yelled to Pam, "Bae John is here." She ran to the door and said "Oh my god Bro I'm so happy your here." Brandon invited me to come watch t.v. with him as Pam went in to finish preparing dinner. Again Brandon begun to eye me up and down and licking his lips. I stopped him this time and asked him what was up with all that. He looked at me and said shit man you so sexy that you got my dick hard as shit. I said yo I ain't with that gay shit man I love pussy and pussy only my dude. Pam called us in for dinner, Brandon of course leading the way but I couldn't help but notice that this dude ass was phat just like a chick. But as I said I'm not gay I love pussy n pussy only. Pam had whipped up one of my favorite meals which was roast beef, potatoes, broccoli and a nice glass of Malibu. By the end of the night we had had so much fun that while I was there the though of my best friends boyfriends pass at me was off of my mind. I got up to leave and of course gave Pam a hug. Pam then suggested that I gave Brandon a friendly hug. As I went to hug Brandon he reached down and grabbed my ass. Immediately I jumped and said "oh yea its definitely time for me to go." Pam and Brandon walked me to the door. As I walked out Pam said I think that you to guys should go do some male bonding just my brother and my lover. Brandon agreed and said, "I'm down for it." I looked at Pam and said, "sis if that's what you want I got you" Brandon then said, "great I'll get your address from Pam and pick you up tomorrow night at 8. maybe we can just spend the weekend together." Pam turned and said, Great because I really wanted a weekend with the girls anyways." I walked to my car and said, "Ok" as it was hard for me to tell Pam no after all she had been through. I sat in my care for a min thinking about everything that had happened that night from Brandon saying I made his dick hard, to when he grabbed my ass, and even to the point of us now spending a weekend together. All I could think was O lord what am I getting myself into.

To Be Continued......................

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