Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Erotic Stories 2: John What happened Next

As the time winded down on that Friday after noon I still couldn't help but think what Brandon wanted to do to me. I mean the way that he kept looking at me and the way he felt on me wasn't cool at all. I mean don't get me wrong I have nothing against gay people at all. Besides one of my coworkers and very good friend Adam is gay. The difference is that Adam has never and will never hit on me. It was also the fact that this guy was claiming to be so much in love with Pam.

As I was sitting there still thinking about all of this Adam came in. "Whats the T booka", Adam said in a very squeaky feminine voice. I looked at him with all the confusion in the world and said "What", he laughed and said "Boy I'm just playing with you." Adam asked me what was wrong with me because he could see the fact that I was stressing out over this situation in my face. I asked him, "Adam what does it mean when a guy looks at you say you make his dick hard and then grabs ya ass?", Adam looked at me and said "Well it means the same thing as when he does that to a girl, Why?" I looked at him and explained to him that my sister and best friends boyfriend hit on me last night. He then looked at me with a sly smirk on his face and said, "Omg John you are coming over to the dick lovers side, I'm so happy I can just spit." I looked at this boy and said yo you know I love pussy and pussy only.

Me and Adam continued our conversation as I noticed the time was 7:30 we had been off a whole hour talking and laughing. I looked at Adam and said "Yo A i have to go I promised my sis that I would hang with dude this weekend so that she could have a girl weekend." Adam then turned and said to me, "Well please protect ya boogina." I said nigga please if he gets anywhere near me on that level I'm going to knock his ass out. When I pulled up to my house it was 8pm on the dot. Brandon was just pulling up as I pulled into the driveway. I said yo you can come in foreal but I need like a half hour I need to shower and shit. Brandon said cool man I can watch t.v. or some you just go do you. So as I'm in the bathroom showering and fighting the thoughts that Brandon could be gay I start to wonder what we could possibly do a whole weekend.

I stepped out of the shower and begun to dry off as Brandon came to the door and said "Hey man how much longer you gonna be I gotto piss." I answered and said, "give me a sec man I'm drying off now" He mumbled under his breathe and said, "You need help with that." I ignored him and wrapped my towel around me and left out the bathroom. As we were leaving out of the house I looked at Brandon and asked him well whats on the agenda. He said dinner drinks n us chilling. I was cool with that it had been a min since I had been out and had fun. We went to a great restaurant. I was like shit I mean I work in cooperate America but you paying the bill (LOL). He said damn you cheap pa. I said look man chill with the gay stuff I mean you cool and all but I'm not down with all of that.

The night went on and I had drunk so many drinks that I was feeling great. Brandon said "Well I mean you want to crash at your place or do you still want me to get the hotel." I told him that my place was cool, I was feeling to good and wanted to just chill at my own place. I was so drunk that when we got back to my place Brandon had to help me get in the house had to get the keys out of my pocket and open the door. He looked at me and laughed and said "Man you are so done." I looked at him in my drunken voice and said "Ha and its all your fault." He helped me to my bed and said you want me to help u get undressed. I said naw I'm good but I want you to stay in here with me.

I looked over at Brandon and said "Man you are really hot and I don't know why I would say that because I ain't gay." He looked at me and said, "Man you are too. I knew from day 1 that I wanted you and you like playing hard to get." Brandon reached in and kissed me. I was in total shock as I went back to him and kissed him. I didn't know what was about to happen but all I knew was I wasn't gay. Brandon started to kiss my neck and instantly my dick got hard. Brandon reached down and begun to rub my dick. He said to me "Damn man that's big." I looked at him and said "yea and that ass phat too." Brandon reached down into my pant and pulled out my mans. He looked at it for a while before he put his fat warm juicy lips around it.

Brandon started to take every inch of my manhood in his mouth. I started to hit the back of his throat as the feeling of his mouth reminded me of a nice warm pussy. I looked at him and said man I want some of that ass foreal. He got up on the bed put an arch in his back and said be gentle daddy it has been a while. I put on my condom lubed up all 9.5 inches om my dick and got ready to stick my dick in him. I pushed the head of my dick in his nice tight round ass and he let out a big moan. As I pushed more and more of my dick in him he begin to get used to it and throwing the ass back. I was amazed at the way that this man made me feel. He told me to pull out and I did. He pushed me down on the bed and told me hes taking control. He sat down on my dick. This dude rode my dick like he had been riding horses forever. I told him that I felt the build up of my cum getting ready to erupt. I asked him where did he want me to cum at and he said in his face. After that session I went to take a shower and of course he followed me in and we did it about to more times. I woke up the next morning to see him lying next to me naked. I couldn't help but think what the hell was going on. Because after all I'm not gay!!!

To Be Continued......................

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