Friday, February 18, 2011

Erotic Stories 3: Meet Brandon

Early in the morning my girl came in to the room to wake me up so we could roll to the bank to get a joint account together. Now I wasn't to sure why she would do that when really our relationship was a front. The truth of the matter I am a DL gay man. I mean don't get me wrong I used to love pussy a lot but as of right now I love niggas and I feel like they are who I want to be with.

At a young age I was introduced the "life" as I was molested in school by an older classmate. Dealing with the struggle of that situation it made me feel like I wanted nothing but a man. I felt as though a man would be able to understand me and everything else that I was dealing with.

As we arrived at the bank Pam told me that we would be going up to here best friends office because he handled all of her personal banking business. We got on the elevator and I couldn't help but wonder why was it that Pam never mentioned him to me or the whole month that we have been together he hasn't been around. We got off on the 19th floor and as we walked down to his office all I could think that this boy must be busted (lol). We stopped at his assistants desk and waited for her to call into him. She walked us to his door and invited us in. There in front of me stood this 6'2'' light skin guy with dreds. It was always my fantasy to be with someone who looked like him. I held my composer because I didn't want my girl to see how I was reacting to this guy.

We sat down to begin the process of our joint account but I couldn't help but think that this guy is hot. As he begun to speak I looked at him and and all I could do is lick my lips. I kept looking at him and to honest my dick got hard. I mean to actually see this nice toned guy who look like he knew what to do in the bedroom turned me on. Just the thought of me throwing my ass back on him really had my ass wet. We quickly wrapped up as Pam invited John over for dinner the following day.

The doorbell rung and there stood this sexy nigga. Now I knew that the whole time he was there I would be thinking about him being deep inside me and not knowing whether this man was Gay, Straight or Bi I knew my curiosity would roam. Pam came to the door and immediately invited John in to come sit in the living room with me as she finished preparing dinner. The conversation that we began to have was that of normal guy talk but inside my mind I couldn't help but think about what this guy had in his pants. John stopped abruptly and said to me "Man I don't mean know harm but why are you looking at me like that." I was shocked because I didn't know that it was that obvious to tell I was really concentrating on his every feature. I looked over at him and said, "Man I don't mean know harm but every time I look at you my dick gets hard." He looked at me with a very confused look on his face and just as he said "Man I don't get down like that   Pam called us in the dinning room to eat.

The night went on but still in my mind I couldn't help but think that this sexy ass nigga was still in my presence. It was almost that type of situation where I really would stop at no end to get him. We continued on with the evening as Pam said, "Hey John why don't you do me a favor." She went on to tell John how this weekend she wanted it to be just about her and the girls so why didn't me and him hang out this weekend. Me knowing that my mouth watered for this man I said of course babe it would be fun, Is that cool with you John? John quickly answered and said "Anything for you sis." I knew that if I was going to get this man then a weekend get away would be the best way to. Time winded down and John was ready to go as he had to be to work the next morning. He went to Pam and gave her a hug and kiss on the cheek and told here see you later. He came to me to give me a five. I looked at him and said man give me a hug we basically family now. As we begun to wrap our arms around each other my hand slid down to his nice phat round ass. I couldn't help but think that this guy was all I ever wanted and needed in my life!!!

To Be Continued......................

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