Monday, February 21, 2011

Erotic Stories 5: Meet Pam

So the time came for me to decide what I wanted to do I mean I had this sexy guy here with me but I knew that there was something more that I wanted. I met this hardcore woman a while back. At first it kind of startled me because she really appeared to be more manly than even the average man. We sat down had a few drinks and she began to tell me her life story. I was amazed about her life as she had dealt with a lot of similar things in her life as I had in mines. I mean its hard to talk about being raped but when you have someone who has experienced it to it makes things easier.

I met Brandon threw a mutual friend and we hit it off from the start. He was very sexy. I had never seen a guy so sexy and intelligent. He came over to me and said "Baby girl you are really smart and I would like to take the time out to get to know you for who you are." I was shocked because most guys took a look at me seen the body and tried to get in my pants, but here is a man who wanted to know my mind.

Me and Brandon began to talk and a month into our relationship we had gotten so close to the point that we were moving in together and getting a joint account. One day closer to the day of us moving in together I got a call from Jessica asking me why had I been acting funny. I couldn't help but start wondering again who am I. I mean me and this girl really shared so much pain and heart ache from the past and Brandon wanted me for more the just sex. Jessica said to me "Well since you not acting funny, you staying the weekend with me." I knew what this was all about but I couldn't help but say yes.

The day came for us to go open the joint account at my friend John's bank. Me and john had been friends since elementary school. He was my brother and I trusted him with my life. I had to figure away to get away from Brandon for the weekend so instantly I thought of John. We went into Johns office to discuss our affairs and as we wrapped up I invited him over to dinner the next night so that I could convience him into spending the weekend with Brandon.

The next day came and I knew that I had to butter up John so I went to the grocery story to pic up a few of his favorite dishes. That night we had Corn Beef and Cabbage, Fried Chicken, Mac and Cheese, Hot dinner rolls and a nice bottle of Ciroc n Pinapple chilled. I knew that with this meal he would do anything I asked. When John arrived I was just taking the Macoroni out the oven so I had him and Brandon sit in the living room so that they could get to know each other better. As the night winded down and our bellies were full I asked John would he spend the weekend with Brandon because I wanted to have A girls weekend with my home girls. John agreed to take on that task and Brandon seemed to be happy to hang out with him.
I couldnt help but wonder what was getting ready to happen this weekend as I am emotionally attached to this girl. But who knows!!!

To Be Continued......................

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