Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kevyn M vs Venom

So recently I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to the man behind the face and brand of Kevyn M and Venom. Here's that story

Who is Venom?

 Venom is a fantasy. The purpose of Venom is to entertain and ignite the sexual/sensual senses. He's a fictional character on film.

Who is Kevyn M?
Kevyn M is a person. Kevyn M is an alter-ego of mine, but he's the model, the talk show host, the actor, singer, etc. Although I'm known as both, it's important for me to embrace and people to know that I am all one in the same.

What would you say sparked you interest into the porn life?
Wanting to be a model introduced the idea of getting into the whole porn industry. I didn't think it would make me as known as I am today, but I am grateful.

Now that you have begun to build a brand under Kevyn M what has changed for you?
My focused has changed. Before it was about "Venom". Everything was about sex and portraying sexuality and being an image to a certain audience. As Kevyn M, I can reach a larger audience and do more than Venom could have done. I can become more active in things I like to do publicly and it not be all about sex. (Even though most of my supporters and fans at this time are still die-hard Venom fans)

You are considered one of the most notable Pstars in the industry, How do you feel about the younger models coming aboard? No, seriously... I admire some of the newer models, and people who came into the industry after I did. It makes me sound like a veteran, lol. But I feel that some of them really have the ability to make a big name for themselves and make some money while doing it. So more power to them!

Can you give us a day in the life of Kevyn M/Venom?
I do a lot of work with promoting myself. That takes up most of my time. I have meetings with a business partner of mine to set up "Venombois" with the help of some other really close friends and family members. I may speak with my agent about deals for Kevyn M. My fans are an important part of my brand so I make it a point to reach out to them as well. Then there's the home life and I have to make sure that I do my part here as well. It gets difficult juggling all three responsibilities, but have some great support.

I have seen first hand you have some crazy fans, What is the craziest thing one has said or did to you?
I've had fans to follow me around in public places, and some to tell me that they've gotten my name tattooed to them. One guy showed me to prove it to me. I was floored!

You recently started a blogtv talk show, what sparked you interest in doing that?
About two (2) years ago I discovered this site called, and it allows viewers to interactive with the person on cam. I played around with it for a few weeks. I thought recently that being able to reach out to my fans and have them actually be able to reach back would be great. I've even mentioned on the show how important it is to me that I can see and feel my fans reaching back to me. Each week I have returning viewers and new viewers.

As Venom who are sum of your favorite people to work with?
If you didn't know this already, I LOVE working with Remy Mars. I really enjoyed working with Carlito, Maseo, Hot Rod, Romance, and Markell. There were others, but these guys are like on the top of the list.

How do you feel about bareback porn and porn companies having HIV positive models?
This is becoming an issue in gay porn, in the gay community all together. I'm not for bare-backing in videos. Can I say I've never done it my personal life no. But by no means do I want to promote raw sex. I want to create an awareness. Sexual responsibility and safety. I have even spoken to some safer sex organizations about teaming up to promote safe sex. The thing about models in general is everyone must protect themselves as if everyone one is positive. Not saying that everyone is, but most times after the scene is done, the models wont see each other again or keep in touch, so again it's about being sexually responsible.

Because Kevyn M is you new persona do you think that Venom is slowly going to die out?
 I don't think Venom will ever die out. I think the buzz around Venom will die down, but never out.

Do you think that the world will ever get to the point where they wont look down on people who live the alternative lifestyle?
I believe that just as racism once was an issue, and woman working, voting and joining the military, this too will pass. It's a matter of civil rights, as we as a people stop hating, discriminating, fighting and killing ourselves, and start to respect each other and embrace each other then we can take the stand that is necessary to get those rights we deserve as human beings!

Now we can have fun lol

Who are you 3 all time favorite singers? and why?
 Donny Hathaway because even though he's dead and gone there is a soulful magic about his voice, writing and artistry. Nina Simone because she sang about real issues. She had a very unique voice, and was a brilliant pianist. Finally, I'd say old Whitney. When she was belting out vocals matched by none in her time!

   What is a talent that you have that no one knows you can do?
 I am a little bit of an artist. I enjoy drawing. Not the best but it's something soothing to express myself artistically.

Who are you 3 biggest inspirations in life?
My mother who struggled but made sure that her children ate, even when she didn't. Kirk Franklin has always inspired me through his music and life story and then him fulfilling his responsibility as a father and my Father Larry Williams. He's such an inspiration. He's strong even when he's broken inside and no one else can be.

If you was the last person on Earth and was granted 5 people to share it with, 3 devices, and 2 food item what would they be and why?
Wished you'd say six people, lol. My mom would be number 1. She's my heart. My lover, my 3 sons, and my father. Wouldn't give much room for reproduction, but I'd make sure we'd all die happy, lol.... My 3 devices would be my laptop, cell phone and a car. This way we wouldn't be bored and can get around. And finally two foods would be chicken and rice. Something to make sure we're full!

What can we look forward to in the future from Kevyn M and Venom?
A merger, lol... just joking again. Venom will definitely sooner or later go behind the camera. Kevyn M will step in front of the camera with more mainstream things. I am working to push my show further, gain more viewers and reach out further with more topics, guest, interviews and just great moments!

Do you have any last words for you fans and
my viewers?
As always I want to encourage and inspire fans and viewers. Sharing a smile is like my tag line now. I want everyone who hears about me or my story to know that there will always be obstacles, but we can all overcome them all. I've learned that with a great support system, a loving family and a mind to succeed anything is possible! Stay blessed and tune in to my show every Thursday night 9 pm (est) (Gotta plug my stuff, lol)


  1. Venom has three sons ? Is he str8 or bi ? Either way, I wish him much happiness and continued good health. It aint that often we read about porn stars living long enough to retire and enjoy life outside of porn.