Wednesday, February 2, 2011

No es él multa: The Cuban Interview

So I recently had the opportunity to come in contact with Cuban former Entertainment West model and current  Black Rayne model. Here is our interview.

Who is Cuban?

Cuban Michaels is my alter ego. Unlike me, he is bold, brave, and secure in the things he takes part in. It allows me to be able to play a character completely the opposite of my personality, and I love it!

What made you chose the stage name Cuban?
I am half Cuban and after a long thought process I had to hit the scene with a name no one else has come in the porn game with.

What and who sparked your interest in doing porn?
I am a freak, a closet one, but a freak none the less. I love to being watched and group sex is HOT!

What was growing up like for you?
I was raised by my grandparents. So they are the parents that I know and they raised me to believe I was the only child. I found out later that I was the oldest of five siblings.

Was it difficult for you to come out to your family and what were their reactions?
No it wasn’t. Although my father was a minister and my mother a teacher I told them before I was ever involved the same sex. They accepted me because I was honest and open about my personal life.

How did your friends react when they found out you did porn?
They think it’s cool. I find it funny when people finally realize who I am. Their reaction changes and things are a lot simpler.

When you first started doing porn you was with Entertainment West now you’re with Black Rayne, What Sparked your move?
Well Entertainment West Studios is a great company and I love all of my EWS Family, however I wanted to break boundaries and cross over into more than just porn.

Do you think that bareback companies are taking all the precautions that they can to make sure their models don’t get infected with HIV?
Yes, As Vice President of Talent Management, I have witness, first hand, extensive test we send our models and talent through. Yes we do have positive models, but they are NEVER interactive with those who are negative.

What is preference?
Top.  I've tried to bottom before but that is only something I would do with a lover or someone I have a lot of chemistry with. It takes a lot to be a bottom where tops can stick it in and move on.

Are you currently in a relationship?
Yes as of November 28th of 2008 I have been happily single. I refuse to settle for less than I am worth.

Do you think if a person came along that you were really feeling you would give up doing porn?
Yes I am most definitely willing to give up porn for the right individual. I love what I do, but true love is a sacrifice.

What would you say sets you aside from all the other porn models?
Well I am really just a down to earth individual. I’m humble and by being a PK or pastor’s kid it has taught to just accept people for who they are.

Now some fun questions

What are some of your favorite things to do?
I am a huge book worm. I also enjoy bowling and going to the movies (I’m a huge movie freak)

What is a talent that you have that no one knows about?
I can dance. I am a very good hip roller.

Who are you favorite 3 recording artist right now?
Jennifer Hudson- voice is amazing
Lyfe Jennings- his lyrics are so truthful
I am still a die-hard Destiny’s Child fan

If you were the last man on earth and could have 2 people with you, one animal, and 4 items what would it be and why?
It would have to be Nelly the rapper just for sexual pleasure,
Gabrielle union so we can repopulate the earth, my dog Princess, and a bottle of wet platinum, a toothbrush, mouthwash, and toothpaste. I love my smile so I have to keep it sexy!

So who are some of your favorite people to work with?
Ive liked everyone I worked with but the most intense was the Business Trip with Trapboy (another current Black Rayne Model) but my most memorable was my very first one with Rocko

Who is someone you look forward to working with?
Out of everybody I think I would like to work with Phoenix. He is very attractive and is a very cool down to earth person. He is a very humble type dude.

What can your fans look forward to from you in the future?
Well I am currently working on my own website so that fans can keep in touch with me, and be updated with the latest information regarding all travel plans.

Do you have any final words and thoughts for my viewers and your fans?
Yes follow me on twitter @cuban_thoughts and hit me up on skype my username is Cuban_Seduction1


  1. if that is tru about hiv+ models only being in contact with other hiv+ models, then Trapboyy, Cuban, Romance, Chase Coxx, etc must be positive. That whole roster may b positive. brooklyn kidd and longstroke are open about their hiv+ status so Phoenix must b hiv+. i knoe pantha would have to be too cuz he fucked hotrod. wow, that whole roster may b hiv+

  2. i wonder what models are hiv+

  3. this argument is baseless... people take advanced medication also known as PrEP (Pre Exposure Prophylaxis) which allows positive and negative people to even get married and not infect each other..... You should do your reseal before you drop a 1987 arguement