Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rupal's Drag Race:Drag Queens from Outer Space

So this week on Rupaul's Drag Race we experienced a real show as Ru and his girls presented Drag Queens from Outer Space.

This week the girls of Rupaul Drag Race under went there first real mini challenge. This weeks mini challenge was for the girls to choose a partner and for them to use there telepathic powers to tell what their partners had on. This week Phoenix and Mariah were the top two queens as they got the most matches right. The twist to this challenge was that the winners of the challenge became the team captain for this weeks main challenge.

This week Team Mariah consisted of Shangela (Previous season contestant), Stacey, Yara, Alexis, and Mimi. Team Phoenix was made up of Carmen, Delta, Raja, Minila, and India. Ru announces that there are two totally different Scripts and that they are allowed to choose which one they wanted. The choices were Drag Queens from Outer Space:From Earth to Uranus and Drag Queens from Outer Space: The sequel Back to Uranus. Mariah Choose the sequel which left Pheonix with the first one.

Each team was then given the task to prefect their characters and be ready to film their main stage preview for their movies. Mariah's team won this weeks challenge and Shangela ans Stacey were the top winners winning a pair of top notch boobs for queens. Leaving Phoenix team to face the heat on the main stage, Delta and team leader Phoenix was then put up for elimination. Deltas fierce performance kept her in the game and sent Phoenix packing.

What we all didn't see on the show was all the drama that occurred backstage. Team Mariah was the first team to go to the interior illusions lounge and the wigs came off. Shangela and the rest of the girls felt very strongly about why Mimi was still there. The girls said that Mimis look wasnt very polished and that she lacked alot of skills that the othe queens had. On the first episode Ru and his fellow judges told Mimi that she needed to stop being so Camp and bring the heat in her appearence. Mimi told the judges that she would bring it the next week but of course she didnt. Mimi felt the need to tell Shangela that she needed to go back to her sugar daddy and drinks went flying. Team Phoenix on the other hand was upset that they were on the chopping block because Phoenix felt as though Stacey wasnt competition to her.

If this is any indication of thing to shape up I am very excited to see whats in store.

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