Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rupauls Drag Race: The Daily News

This week on Rupaul's Drag Race the queens were faced with the challenge of becoming morning news anchors.

The weeks mini challenge consisted of the queens creating scandalous and outrageous red carpet looks for photo's. All of the contestants did a pretty good job with there scandalous photos as most of them had certain parts of there bodies exposed. The top two winners this week was Stacy Lane Matthews as she exposed her breast literally and Ms Carmen Carrera who's photo revealed a very unsightly crotch area. So as normal and in true Ru style they were elected as this weeks team captains.

This weeks main challenge was for the girls to choose teams and produce a live morning news show called The QNN. Stacy's team consisted of Alexis, Yara, Shangela and Mariah. Carmen's team consisted of India, Delta, Raja and Manila. The girls had to take the task of dividing up the different jobs of a morning news television show. The different jobs were News Anchor, Co Anchor, Weather Girl, Gossip Girl, and the Roving Reporter. Stacy's team really delivered a very fun and exciting news report where as Carmen's team gave a more serious approach to there broadcast. In my own opinion the news cast that they were telling was nothing serious it was suppose to be slightly comical so I believe that Stacy's team did a better job in there delivery.

This week they did not pick which team was the best and worst as the 5 safe racers left the stage, India, Mariah, Shangela, Yara, and Stacy was left to face the music as they were critiqued by the judges. India and Stacy were left in the bottom two as the judges felt like there performances in the challenge was not up to par. The fierce lip sync of Stacy kept her safe in the competition for another week but also Sending India home.

What we didn't see was all of the craziness going on backstage during the critiques. Long time friends Raja and Delta had a lot to say about everyone in the competition. They felt as though the judges were going to get tired of Yara's spanglish routine but it is clear and evident that when the challenges come up the judges ask Yara to use spanglish. Yara is a fluent English speaker but English is her second language so her accent over powers everything she says. Shangela felt strong about Manilas performance as she though that it was very offensive to every Asian in America. These girls are really starting to let the fur fly as the season winds down and Rupaul's Drag Race finds a new winner.


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