Sunday, March 20, 2011

Baltimore to Philly Take Over: The Scoop 1 year Anniversary Party

Whats that I smell? I think I smell a take over!!! Come out and Celebrate with The Scoop Entertainment and our family and friends as we celebrate one year in existance. Thats right Baltimore is taking over Philly and shutting it down in our style.
Come out and Celebrate with The Scoop Himself, Tyrieak Mines-Wright. The stars of Lashin Out, Helena Hologram. The Stars of KevynM T.V., Kevyn M and Donavin Wright. The CEO of Dunkins Playground, Dunkin St Laurent, and some of the hottest and sexiest Porn stars on the Planet. For More info on the party email The Scoop at and put the subject More Party Info

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