Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chris Brown Banned from GMA

Ok so Again I am floored at the fact that Mr. Brown still doesn't have himself together. Chris is now banned from going to Good Morning America for a long while after he trashed the dressing room and broke a window after his interview/performance this morning. Robin Roberts (current GMA host) sat down this morning to talk to Brown before his performance when questions arose about how things have changed for him since the incident and various other questions surround him and all of the other Rihanna drama. When questions about Rihanna arose Brown tried to beat around the bush or divert from the questions always bringing attention back to the album.

Now any rocket scientist knows that when a celebrity is asked to do an interview on any scale there is a set of questions that the interviewer has that they send over to the interviewee to approve so that they will know what they will be asked during the time of the interview. Chris Brown is just being a asshole for lack of words. You can not expect to be out of the lime light for alomost 2 years and come back and not have the questions about how you feel or what has changed since then. Honestly I think that Chris needs to see a shrink. I mean this is honestly not the way to go and if you are trying to bring back your image and make it bigger and better then before then I personally think that he needs to get it together. Below is the video from GMA tell me what you think.....

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