Saturday, March 26, 2011

Erotic Story #6: Pam What Happen Next

The next day came and I was still amazed at the fact that I was going to give Jessica the chance. I never thought in a million years that I would go out on a date with a girl. Jessica called me at about 6 pm she told me that she would be at my house at about 8pm so we could go to dinner and get our weekend started. Now I must not lie I have had a lesbian encounter before in High School. It was ok but I felt as though it wasn't for me.

As I begun to pace the floor the doorbell rung I knew it was Jessica and really got overcome with alot of different emotions. I went and opened the door and there stood in front of me was this sexy dominant female with a purple and black cardigan on, a white tee shirt, a purple fitted and some purple black and white nikes. She said to me " wassup bae you look good tonight." I couldn't help but say damn bae you look good to. This girl was really hott and I really didn't know where the feeling came from.

Me and Jessica went out to dinner. Surprisingly she took me to a very nice upscale restaurant somewhere that Brandon never could afford to take me to. Jessica wine and dined me and as the night came to a close she took me back to the hotel room where things got very very interesting.

When we got back to the hotel room Jessica looked at me, smiled and said "Can I get a Kiss now Girl." Me wanting to experience how it felt to kiss this girl I told her sure why not. As I felt her lips touch mines I felt fireworks and sparks. This girl began to kiss me more and as we got deeper and deeper into the kiss I felt myself getting wet. This girl had really turned me on to the point that I wanted to feel her more and more. She began to kiss down my neck felt nothing but pure ecstasy between us. I really wanted this girl to use her tounge in was that I had never felt a girl use it before. As she pushed me back on the bed she began to lick down my breast. I told her to move her head down further to my pussy. She moved her tounge down to my pussy and as she begun to lick it, it felt like a vibrator. I was very amazed at the fact that this girl was making me feel like this. She looked at me and told me "Your pussy taste so good ma". I said to her well finish eating it girl. As she made me feel like a different person and the beast was let out of me I turned into a sexual monster.

She continued to eat my pussy and started to put her fingers in it. She had me moaning and screaming. I felt my climax on the break but I tried to hold it in because we were only 20mins into the sex and I wanted to make it last. She began to do more and more tricks with her tounge. I couldnt help but think that Brandon had a dick but could never do it like this. As she stuck her third finger in and continued to eat I felt myself gettin read to erupt. In les then 10 seconds I nutted. Jessica had done such a great job and put in so much work that we both just layed there in each others juices. I couldnt help but think that she made me feel like she was the one for me and Brandon couldnt compare.

To Be Continued..........

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