Friday, March 25, 2011

Life After Death: Elizabeth Taylor

So as many of you know on Wednesday morning Dame Elizabeth Taylor was called home to be with the lord after a longs battle with congested heart failure. There had been a lot of controversy surrounding Elizabeth's life which included her 7 marriages, her addiction to prescription medicines and alcohol and much more. But this last thing is what had me in aww about Taylor. In her last will in testament she stated that she wanted to be buried in true Jewish style by being buried on the next day but also stated in the will that she wanted to arrive fashionably late for her funeral services. Now I have heard of some crazy stunts and things after death but to me this seems to be the weirdest. I have never heard of some of the things that celebrities want done after they have passed away. I thought that Micheal Jackson's situation was bad because they could not think of a place to bury him but for Taylor to want to be fashionably late I don't understand it. She was a diva I hand that to her but if it was me and my family I would want everything to start on time and get it over with so that my family could begin healing. How do you guys feel?

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