Monday, March 14, 2011

Light Skin is In: The Ar'Quez Interview

So Recently I had the chance to meet team light skin member Ar'Quez. He is really a cool down to earth guy. Here is his interview.

Who is Ar'Quez?
 Ar'Quez is the I don't give a fuck version of me. Your best friend and worst nightmare. You choose. Ar'Quez is fun, loving and amazon person oh and sexy I've been told.

What made you decide to do porn?
 It's just something I always wanted to do honestly.

Who were some of your biggest influences in porn and why?
Can't say I had some influences however there were a select few that caught my attention appearance wise.

Where did you get the name Ar'Quez from?
To be complete honest I made the shit up. Lol it started off as the name of my truck.

I read that you used to be in the ballroom scene and walked BQ Sex Siren and Face, what was that experience like for you?
 Honesty I am still apart of the community I just don't walk as much as I should. But the experience is in my opinion "gay hollywood high school". Take from that what you want.

What was it that made you join a house?
Kinda started off as a joke. I was clueless to the shit and still am.

What was growing up like for you?
Um great, me and my mommy are real close and I have the support of my family, always have so I'd say great.

How did your family react to you being gay?
Well my older sister is, so by the time it was my turn it was like fuck it. Lol

Do you feel like now since youve done porn people pay more attention to you vs when you were just walking balls?
It's a whole different caliber of people.

Since bareback porn is gaining popularity, what are your views on it and the spread of HIV in the community?
 I would say protect yourself. If you feel comfortable doing it hell do it. Just make sure you understand the risks an the person your doing it with. As I'm sure you all know the first video that was released was a raw shoot with me and my dude. So yea I'd say get tested know your status. Also I'd add I feel I could be wrong but in the porn world getting tested is like buying new clothes or eating (god knows I love that) rather in the gay community u see some1 u fuck then u like fuck I hope this person is clean. Not saying that's the way it happens 100% of the time but hey.

Do you feel that there will ever come a time when people wont look down on the homosexual lifestyle and why?
I'm from Atlanta so in Atlanta gay is almost ok. I think the world is becoming ok with the fact that everyone doesn't want a wife and kids. So I'd say yea.

Now Some Fun Questions

Who has been your favorite person to work with and why?
 I might get in trouble for this but Ralph. I think cus it was my first shoot with another person.

Walk us through a day in the life of Ar'Quez?
 Oh wow. For those of you that really know me I think we'd all agree that I'm what I like to call firm and direct and what a lot of you would consider rude. But I like to have fun and I make sure my crew have a good time even if it is at my expense lol.

What is your favorite position and why?
 Omg my fav position is when I have Val laying down and I'm on his back and he got one leg cocked up (the left one) and I'm holding both his hands up so he cant move yea that's the one.

The videos you've been in you have topped but have you ever bottomed before? What was that experience like?
In my personal life I have and I have to been in the mood for it cuz I don't be wanting it on the reg but when I do I do.

What would you say was your best feature and why?
I would let y'all tell me what that was.

What can we look forward to in the near but distant future f rom Ar'quez?
 Movies of course, I'm currently working on my lounge "again" and mainly some adult entertainment shit.

Do you have any last words for you fans and my viewers?
 yea thanks for your support your opinions and for making this possible. And lastly do what u do and be happy doing it. Direct your destiny.