Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rupal's Drag Race: Drag Queens of Comedy

This week on Rupauls Drag Race the girls had to test there funny Bones as the were asked to be Queens of Comedy.

For this weeks mini challenge the girls were asked to do Ru's very famous read sessions, where the girls were given the oportunity to talk about each other. A select few of the girls were funny but they all shared the same feelings about Delta as all of there punch lines were about how fat she was. Shangela went through and read all of Raja's crew. Shangela won this weeks challenge as Ru felt like her readings were the best.

For the main challenge the queens were asked to come up with stand up comedy routines. Since Shangela was the winner of the challenge she would pic the order of which the girls would go on stage. Shangela took those powers and stretched them to the limits a she strategically placed Raja's team inbetween her girls whom had very good acts. Raja whom was the first girl to go did a fair job with her performance using the theme from Carrie. Shangela whom was the middele girl turned the place out as she played a Post Modern Pimp Hoe. Delta was the last person to go up as she tried to make her weight the funny punch lines of her joke. He jokes ending up turning sad for her because her emotions started to get the best of her. 

Shangelas plan worked as she won the main challenge and put two of Raja's girls, Manila and Delta in the bottom two leaving them to lip sync for there lives. Manila's firce performance sent her team mate Delta packin. 7 down and 6 remaining til RDR has a winner.


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