Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rupal's Drag Race: Hair Extravaganza

This week on RDR the girls were face with a bundle of challenges as Hair was there big competition .
For this weeks mini challenge the girls were faced with the task of making dramatic hair pieces of of materials snatched from the gay beach. There were all sorts of things from blow up floating devices to little umbrellas that you put in drinks for the girls to use. Raja chose to use crabs and lobsters while a lot of the girls used the flotation devices and grass skirts. Raja's crab design helped her win this weeks challenge.

For the weeks challenge main challenge the girls were asked to design 3 different hair styles for there main stage presentations. 1 was a back in the day look, 2 was the modern red carpet look and 3 was the their hair fantasies. Because Raja was this weeks mini challenge winner she was granted and extra 5 sec start at the wig bar before the other girls. The girls had a wide variety of wigs to select from and once all the wigs were gone it was on. A few of the girls were very undecided as to what they would do because this was such a big challenge for them . Shangela started with her hair fantasy as she designed a over the top alien top of hair piece while Yara went to work on here classic look designing a afro with braids on the side.

Ru came back to the work room to check on the progress of the girls, tell them who there judges were and bring them another unexpected twist to this weeks competition. Ru told them that this weeks extra special guest judges were Mr Wayne Brady and Fantasia but as Ru always does he threw them another twist as he told the girls that they had to create their hair fantasy dresses strictly out of hair. Because the girls were so unprepared for the challenge they were very uncertain at how they would fair in the challenge. The girls came up with some very good concepts for all of there designs as they came to the stage with some very high class looks. Yara proved herself this week as she was the winner of this weeks challenge leaving here team mates Alexis and Shangela in the bottom two. Alexis gave a firece performance this week sending my girls Shangela home but of course that was not the end of it. This week Ru announced that she had been criticized for sending some people home early and that she was givin Michelle, Santino and Micheal the chance to bring back anyone of the eliminated girls that they wanted to. Wooo Rupauls Drag Race this season has really been full of twist but I really think that this has been the biggest in RDR history.

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