Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rupal's Drag Race: Message to our Troops

Last week on Rupauls Drag Race the girls were face with a very patriotic challenge.

For this weeks mini challengethe girls were asked to make designer bras out of the bras provided to them and what ever else they wanted to use. All the bras seemed to be pretty decent but this week Manila one the mini challenge as her bra seemed to be Ru's favorite. This weeks main challenge was for thegirls to come up with there own PSA for the troops to give them more encouragement and thank them for serving the country.

This challenge seemed to come pretty natural to all of the girls except for one. Alexis Mateo had a difficult time with it because she had an emotional tie with someone who was called into active duty. She went on to describe that she was actually dating a solider whom went into duty and she hadnt heard from him since he went to war. Ru asked Alexis to channel all the energy that she was feeling into making her PSA something powerful and something that could touch him in some kind of way. The time came for the girls to go and film there PSA and some of the girls concepts were very dual and boring but others really felt empowering and very touching.

The time came for the main stage event and the girls were asked to wear their most patriotic drag look. All the girls came with different styles and flavors to this weeks mainstage as Raja decided to go Native American, Yara decided to stick to her Puerto Rican routes and the others went for very American patriotic looks. The judges felt that alot of the girls looks were actually good on this week but alot of there videos suffered. Alexis was declared the winner of the challenge. Leaving Yara and Carmen in the bottom 2 having to lip sync for there lives. In a shocking twist Ru sent no one home this week. I tell you its just getting better and better.

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