Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rupal's Drag Race:Face Face Face of Cakes

This week on Rupaul's Drag Race the tension rose as the work room and the girls became divided into two different groups.

This week on RDR the girls were face with bearing it all as they were asked to take nude artistic photos. The two bigger girls were very uncomfortable as they were asked to bear it all. The photos were to get the girls comfortable about the skin that they were in and of course divas Carmen, Shangela, and Raja stood out the most. Carmen topped the competition as she was deemed the mini challenge winner for this week.

For the main challenge this week the girls had to create couture outfits based on the style of cake they were assigned.Of course since Carmen was this weeks winner she got to pick what kind of cake each girl would get. She made sure the girls was taking care of by giving Raja the Chocolate cake, Delta the Angel Food Cake, Manila the Carrot and keeping the Princess cake for herself. She gave Shangela the Pinapple Upside Down Cake, Stacy the Red Velvet Cake, Alexis the Cheese Cake, and Yara the Strawberry Short Cake.

When Ru came back into the work room to check on the dolls and there progress he went to Stacy and asked here did she have and understanding of what couture was because the outfit that she had begun to construct didnt really have the look that they wanted. Ru then turned to Alexis who usually turns it on the main stage and asked her how was she going to pull off the look of the Cheesecake because the concept that she had came up with just looked like a sowen together bedspread.

Later on that evening the girls turned the mainstage out as there couture looks were  very unique and sexy. But backstage is where the fur started flying. Raja and his homegirl Delta begun to attack Shangela. Shangela was very upset because none of here crew said anything nor had her back. At the end of the evening Stacy and Alexis were left to Lip Sync for there lives. Alexis's fierce performance sent teammate Stacy home.

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