Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spot Light on Youtube: Nvncyble

So a few months ago after my interview with Miami's Hot Boy Deejay Blaze I had the opportunity to meet The Original Mr Wednesday Nvncyble previously of the FIVEblackGuys. Thhis interview really was hott and fun. Heres his interview.

Who is Nvncyble?
I think it can better be asked who Nvncyble isn't/....I am a human, I am weak, I am sensitive, I am loving, I am single, I am loney, I am blessed, I am loved, I am you

What made you decide to call yourself Nvncyble?
I saw the name after I went through a rough storm in my life. The name is Nvncyble is not who I am but what I am not.

What made you start doing YouTube videos?
 I did a response to B. Scott about him losing his sister and I was giving him support after losing my grandmother. After that people actually started subscribing so I said let me get serious about this thing.

What sparked you intrest into being apart of the 5 BlackGuys?
The starter of FIVEblackgUys elteddy27 hit me up and I knew ISoLoveLondon so I was like OMG I wanna do it!

What do you think your vision was with the 5 BlackGuys and your specific day?
 Well as Wednesday and the newest youtuber out of the guys I needed not to go first but certainly not last. We had WalkingWater (A genius and eye candy on Monday), London (CREATIVE guru on Tuesday), Alonzerone (Youtube Sexsiren and Best Smile EVER on Thursday), and then elteddy27 (BRAINS on Friday) I figured I should come with feelings from places you may not go to alot! The Chemistry was MAGICAL with the 5!

What element do you think you brought to the 5 BlackGuys?
 I was the Secretary and communicator of the group! Wednesday and Friday for the Original were the admin folk lol.

What do you feel started the disapperance of the original 5 BlackGuys?
Life...At the end of the day we had work, lovers, and family

Do you think the original guys set the bar high?
 I believe we set a bar that was challenging not high. I think back then life was different and the original wanted to match what was out there on youtube and we did!
How do you feel the new guys are doing?
They have it much easier than we did. I think they are doing well they have revamped some things to fit them and it is working so it woks for me .

How was it when you came out to your family?
 I don't think I am out to them. I am more honest than open.

Do you feel like they were very accepting of your lifestyle?
 I know they love me more than they are accepting. The younger members of my fam are more accepting.

What made you start Black Boy Productions?
 I figured out I had a talent. It also started bringing in Money so I was like let me get real about this thang!

Now some fun Questions

How do you feel about each one of the current 5 BlackGuys?
 Monday , Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday I love dearly. I don't know the Wednesday guy that well. he cute though!

What is one device you cannot live with out?
 I cannot live with out my MAC it is a life line my skype, facebook and info is saved on here so I need this machine!
Who has your favorite president been and why?
Dead: JFK Because he came in young and for the short time he was in office he was love. A loved president makes a cohesive country Living: Obama Yes because he is black but because I think he is doing the best he can. The best he can does not mean I agree with everything. But I believe he cares and I know he is making difference for the LONG TERM!

Whos are 3 of your favorite singers and why?
  Fantasia, Patti and Donald Coley these three singers can make any day better

If you could take a trip anywhere in the world where would it be and with who? Why?
 By Myself I would go to the tomb where Jesus was buried because I want to see where my faith is anchored

What can we look forward to from Nvncyble in the future?
 Blog Talk Radio and maybe a Website. Right now Find Nvncyble TV on Facebook and on youtube I have Nvncyble and Nvncyble TV.

Do you have any last words for your fans and my viewers?
 I am so Honored to be interviewed by you. THANK YOU so much! Words to live by for your viewers STRUGGLE now SMILE LATER!

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