Friday, March 18, 2011

Spot Light on Youtube: Shawn QT

A few weeks ago I happened to be at the club helping all the girls get ready for the show that night when this sexy young man walks in. I starred at him for a while because I knew he looked familiar, so I finally said come here for a minute. So it certainly was Mr Friday himself Shawn QT so I invited him over to come give us The Scoop on his life. Here's our Interview

Who is ShawnQt?

Well I think I'm just an ordinary guy that does extra ordinary things! I am a professional Graphic Designer which is a dream come true for me! I remember always wanting to draw and be this big artist, so I am pretty happy about that. I am also a long time blogger where I now have my own website ( and I am also one of the members of the FIVEblackgUys, the first ever black male collaboration video channel in the history of YouTube.

What does the QT stand for?
LOL! Funny Story! I was trying to come up with a email and I wanted to use ShawnTQ because my middle name is Taquan. But it was taken already, and I was so mad, so my boy was like, why don't you just switch the T and Q to "QT", and was like, wow that's cute! LOL!

When did youtube start for you?
I started YouTube like 6 years ago, kinda just putting old videos of myself lip synching and dancing! I would just make music video parodies on artist like Justin Timberlake, Trey Songz and Beyonce. It was just a lot of fun! Some of my video got like 40,000 views, that's crazy!

How did you become apart of the FIVEblackgUys?
I have always watched the YouTube channel since the beginning, and knew some of the guys personally. When Elton (The creator and Original Friday Guy) had to leave for personal reasons, So I asked if I could join...

Can you describe what the moment was like when you got the invite to be apart of this historical channel?
Well I was watching TV, American Idol actually, was about to eat dinner and I get a call. So I say what's up and then all the guys were on the phone and asked me the big question... "Do you want to be our new Friday?"  I don't know why I was nervous, but I just said "wow... Can I think about it?" LOL! I know they was shocked, but to me this was a big commitment. At the time I had to make a video every single week, but I felt like I had to so I ended up saying yes! I was still scared! It wasn't until my third video that I knew I made the right choice.

What was growing up like for you?
I had a pretty good childhood, but when I went to middle school, it was a turn for the worst. I would get bullied a lot, called a nerd, beat up... I had to join a gang just for them to leave me alone. Mom put me in a Arts High School to get away from all that, and while I excelled in Art I had a hard time dealing with my sexuality and my place in the world through college. It wasn't until I became an adult and started blogging; telling my story, that I knew that I was in control of my life. Now I am happy, living my dream job and have the ability to help others use there creativity to control their destiny.

How did people accept the fact of you being gay/bisexual?
Like I said before it was a struggle for me to accept my sexuality, especially in relation to religion in general. One day I just asked GOD, if you don't want me to be this way, take it away... GOD didn't, but it allowed me to see how GOD really functions in my life and the way the universe is. I am a lot more spiritual, a positive thinker, and a creator. I understood that life is about relationships: With GOD, with people and the people I decide to share sexual experiences with. I accept that.

Your a good dancer why didn't you pursue a career in dancing?
I can not dance. Well let me not say that cause dancing and movement comes from the passion of your heart, and I dance with passion, LOL! Some people like it, some don't and that's ok. One day I would LOVE somebody to teach me a few professional moves!

Do you feel that the first set of FIVEblackgUys set the bar high for those who follow?
The first set of FIVEblackgUys is an actor on Off-Broadway, a Fashion Celebrity Stylist, Campaign Coordinator for Obama, YouTube Superstar and Youth Educator. That is the standard. We are not just guys on YouTube, we are people really making a difference. I want to continue that legacy and the next ones after me should raise the bar even more!

What do you feel that people take away from the FIVEBlackgUys?
People enjoy seeing non stereotypical black men. People love to laugh and be entertained. People love creativity. People love cute sexy men, LOL! Most importantly we talk about things people can relate to and showcase that 5 different ways.

Now some fun questions...

What are 3 devices you cant live without?Why?
My iPhone because it connects me to... Well everything! My MacBook because I can design and edit videos and...My Playstation 3 because it's amazing fun!

How do you feel about each one of your current costars?
LOL. I think that Ty is an asshole. But he is our asshole! He is an amazing makeup artist! Dyvon is my homie and champion for the guys! He can rap, and he kills it! Fabled Verse is not as innocent as he seems, but we look out for each other and I appreciate that. He is motivated for no damn reason to, about to be a Dr. soon! Our new member, Stevie Visionz I knew in the past but I am excited to have him as my new Broski! He is also an amazing musical talent. Together we are a mess but it works!

Who is one of your favorite singers and why?
Brandy because her voice is an musical instrumental of pure genius! I relate to her songs emotionally!

If you had to be on an island for the next 14yrs of your life name 2 people you would take, 1 device, 3 food items, and 2 random objects what would it be and why?
Oh wow, 14 years? Ummm...I would bring my best friend and favorite cousin cause they are both are fun loving. My iPhone because I need to be connected to the world dammit! I want my three favorite foods; French Fries, Pancakes and Raw Carrots. Can I also bring a boat and a paddle to get my azz back home? LOL

What can we look forward to from Shawn QT in the future?
I want to continue being a professional graphic designer. Have a lot of fun with FIVEblackguys, and have fun at Miami Sizzle! I never been, and it will be my first time on a plane, so super excited! LOL!

Do you have any last words for my viewers and your fans?
When you have time, just check out my website, get to know me, hit me up, love meeting new people and enjoying life!


  1. i LOVE MR. FRIDAY!!!!!!! he's a remarkable person

  2. Yeah...he's ok. Lol Great interview!

  3. Mr Friday, Shawn, is fantastic. I love him dearly, and know he has a bright future ahead of him.

    Kia Kaha, Shawn! (A Maori saying from New Zealand - Translation: Stand Strong!)

  4. Ive had the pleasure of meeting Shawn...he's such a great person!! He brings nothing but positive energy wherever he goes!!Proud of you SHAWN!

  5. Love the FiveBlackGuys, but Shawn is my fave by far. Just something about his personality that makes u wanna know him AND be better yourself