Sunday, April 17, 2011

Illusions Pageant System: Tyson Anyae

So I have the pleasure of bringing you a very exclusive interview from my Uncle Tyson Anyae Founder and CEO of Illusions Pageant System. This is a very interesting interview as we talk about all of his goals and dreams.
Who is Tyson Anyae?

A proud black, gay man making his mark on the world. A man who strives for excellence in all he does.

When did you begin the Illusions Pageantry System?
The Illusions Pageantry System (IPS) was founded in 2009.

What was your vision behind starting the pageant system?
The Illusions Pageantry System (IPS) was created as an outlet for performers of the LGBT community to showcase their talent, beauty and grace while providing quality entertainment for all.

When did you begin to perform as Tyson Anyae?
I began performing in 2007. In 2008, I competed for and was crowned Mr. Gay New Jersey.

Being that you are a prelim to International Inc System, How do you guys compare to other prelims in the system?
I have observed various prelims in this industry and find that at times, they can be unorganized, long, and unfair. I try my hardest to present talented performers in an organized manner. Mirroring the INC system, IPS prides itself on creativity, organization and fairness.

Do you think that a person make the crown or the crown makes the person?
I believe a person makes the crown. They create the crown with their yearning for greatness. Their hardwork and dedication to their craft gives purpose for the crown. Without the people, their is no crown.

Do you think that a lot of people just go for titles just to have them or do they go for them to make a difference?
In my experience, a lot of performers compete simply for the title. This lack of passion and care is the fault of the pageantry system that allows it. In order to make a difference, the system must model the way. IPS seeks people that want to make a difference.

Do you beleive that when someone is crowned in any pagent system they should set a mark for whom ever is to follow?
Yes, I believe that each winner should strive to be better than their predecessor. In doing this, we can only grow as a system- as a people.

How often does IPS hold a pageant?
IPS holds an annual preliminary pageant to the International Inc. System. Mr. & Miss Illusions is held in New York City every January. IPS produces a show each month throughout the Northeast. IPS hopes to expand to produce local bar titles, as well as state and national titles.

Being that you are the voice of IPS what is the mark that you guys want to leave on the GLBT community? I want the LGBT community to realize that we are a gifted, strong, and resilient group of people. I want them to understand that if we work together, without jealousy, envy, and hate, we can achieve great things. I want to provide an atmosphere of beauty, style, and grace that can be mirrored across the globe.

Do you think that a lot of people whom have crowns misuse there voices against gay marriage, hiv and other issues in the community?
In my travels, I have not witnessed a queen or king who have misused their voice against issues in the community. Most titleholders do a good job of representing their cause.

What are some of your favorite things to do?
I am a home body. I enjoy curling up on the couch or in my bed with a good movie and perhaps a warm body next to me. I like having friends over and cooking. I don't mind clubbing once in a while, if I don't have to work the next morning. I am a scrabble nerd at times, if I am not playing Wii.

What is one thing you like to do before you perform?
I usually like to have a drink or shot before I go on. It helps to ease my nervousness.

Who is one of your favorite performers in the GLBT community and why?
My best friend and house sister, Octavia Anyae. She strives to continually improve her craft. He creativity, style and back-flip-splits make her a sight to be seen.

If you were to turn over your organization to someone what would you want your legacy to be?
A committment to fairness, creativity and love of your fellowman.

Ok so because I know you and you are my uncle I have to say that you have such a warm and embracing spirit. What are somethings that you always have encouraged people to do?
I always encourage people to be who they are, regardless of what is expected. Take pride in your self and your work, no matter how small or large you perceive them to be. Love life and Love others!

What can we look forward to from Tyson Anyae and the IPS family?
You can look forward to quality entertainment. You can look forward to class, style, talent and grace. You can look forward to a lasting bond between friends and their friends.

Do you have any last words for your fans and my viewers?
Continue to support my nephew. I hope his work and dedication to the LGBT people will spread through our community like a brushfire. I do hope to see you all at a future IPS event. Visit us online at, where like our parent system, we are Uniting Everyone, Everywhere.