Saturday, April 16, 2011

It goes Down Smooth: The Ciroc Star Interview

So as promised I am bringing you hot interview from the boys of Cocodorm. Here is a hot interview from my homie Ciroc Star. Ciroc is a young hot boy whom has alot to show the world. Here's his interview.

Who is Ciroc Star?
 I'm a hella kool dude to get to know. Me I don't like drama or liars, be real with me and I'll do the same.

What made you choose the name Ciroc Star?
The drink Ciroc is what I like to drink so that's why I picked Ciroc and my bro Domino Star suggested for me 2 put the star on the end, I thought it was hot so I put it on there lol.

What sparked your interest into being with Cocodorm/ Flava Works?
 I have always thought about getting in the porn industry and Flava Works is one of the biggest Black and Latino companies in the game so I deff needed to be apart of them.

Who would you say some of your influences were getting into porn?
Some my influences are Baby Boy and Jovonnie they are so fucking sexy 2 me either one could get it lmao. oh an my ex baby star when i would talk 2 him he made it sound like it was hella fun so I had 2 see for myself.

What made you choose to be with Cocodorm verses other companies?
 I chose cocodorm because I thought it would be cool 2 live in a dorm with other dudes and be recorded 24/7.

What has your experience at Cocodorm been like?
It has been very interesting here having all these different personality's in one place but I love it here!

Recently there was some drama going on in the dorm, How do u feel about the current beef?
Anytime there is drama here we always get over it because we are all like family. so to answer your question I just pay it lol.

How do you feel about your current dorm Dad Usher Richbanks?
Usher is a very good person and the right person to be dorm dad. He was always cooking for us and he can cook his ass off.

Do you think that Cocodorm will open other doors for you and your porn career?
Yes, I think Cocodorm will open other doors for my porn career. FlavaWorks its self is pretty popular but who knows my boss might want 2 sign me for his self lol.

How do you feel about bareback porn and the spread of HIV in the porn industry?
 I don't have a problem with bareback porn. I've never done it but don't mean I wont. my thing is if you know you are in the porn industry and you do bareback you should be very careful and not have unprotected sex outside of porn and get tested often!

Do you think that porn stars under use their voices in the Homosexual Community against the fight against HIV, Marriage and various other things? 
 Um I think so because I never see or hear anything about porn stars protesting about it.

Now some fun questions

Out of Domino, Lafayette and Romeo who is your favorite person to work with? 
 lol domino that's my bro and because when I work with him its fun he keeps me laughing.

What is your favorite thing to do?
 Besides playing basketball I would say partying. I like to go out and have fun, life should be about having fun.
If you had your choice of any porn star in the industry that you wanted to work with who would it be? 
 Hands down Jovonnie! and because he is hella sexy I would put in work and I promise you he would be satisfied lmao..

What can we look forward to from Ciroc Star in the Future?
Hopefully doing more work in the industry.

Do you have any last words for your fans and my viewers?
 I've just started in this business but I'm planning on staying around keep looking out for me. an as always I love my fans.


  1. Dude is hella sexy I wanna see more of him like hott damn

  2. damn I never seen any of his work but he looks like he got some good ass

  3. Fuck.... Ciroc can I get ya number