Friday, April 15, 2011


I want to first take this time to acknowledge all those who have taken the time out to express their Deepest Sympathy and Codolences to myself as well as Dariel's family throughout these last two weeks. They have really been very hard and trying and all of you guys kind words have been very uplifting and healing. The Scoop Ent will now be dedicating our site to Dariel because he means so much to the Founder and CEO. The Scoop also will be returning on today bigger and better with more exclusive interviews. What we are workin on is getting into the lives of some of your favorite pornstars as well as YouTube, Fashion Designers, Hair Stylist, and Female Illusionst interviews coming your way. The Scoop is working on getting a deal with Cocodorm so that weekly we will be able to let you meet a current dorm boy as well as working with Thug Seduction on Bringing Exclusives from them and there models. Join us as The Scoop Ent takes over the Net


  1. can we please see pics from the funeral i loved this guy1

  2. Im not sure if there are any but if so I will post a few