Monday, May 2, 2011

Behind the Scene: Thug Seduction Boss Dre

So I decided to go behind the scene of my featured partners over at Thug Seduction. Dre had alot to say in this tell off behind the scene interview

Who is Dre?

Dre is a well rounded and mutifaceted individual who just so happens to run a power company. What can I say??... I'm the one who keeps Entertainment West Studios together.

What made you decide to start Thug Seduction?
We started producing porn back in 2008 just to offer the industry some hardcore porn produced by average brother's. We wanted to see some new faces because it seems like all the other studios were using the same models doing the same old thing. What about the Dl brother's just experiencing fucking around with another man? Not every one is able to take a 14 inch dick with their legs wrapped around their heads. So we decided to start producing our idea of thug porn.

Did you ever think that Thug Seduction would be where you guys are today? Why?
Yes! because we filled a niche that need to be filled. From where we started to where we are now is amazing. We have have plans for it to be even bigger and since hiring our new Public Relations Executive Dunkin St Laurent we are certain that it is only going to get better from here. In the past we have been misrepresented because we do not hang out at gay clubs or even have profiles on A4A or BGC; simply because our models are REAL men and they have girlfriends and women at home or they just simply don't get into the gay lifestyle. Do they respect the gay life style? yes! Do they engage in it ? No!

What is porn to you?
Porn to me is any content produced that will cause a fantasy. We are creating a fantasy that our fans want to see. Our fantasy is "thug porn" which is a sub category of Gay Black Porn. Our models are real in the sense that they represent the "thug" lifestyle. After leaving the shoots, they go homes to their wives and girlfriends, hence the term "gay for pay". We want to be as real to the authenticity of "thug porn" as much as possible.

Who is Dro?
Dro is the back bone of the company, being an executive officer to the company and he produces all of the EWS films. A lot of people don't get to meet Dro because he interacts only with our Dl model and mostly he is the behind of the scenes of it all. >

What do you look for when you are choosing your models?
Here at EWS we have a team of people who come to together with a certain criteria when we are choosing our models. We mostly look for the typical" thug look" ( even though we might some exceptions LOL), swagg, and how exclusive you are and can be in the future. For example, if you have a proven track record to cause drama you probably wont get hired. Most importantly when applying and modeling for us know that we do have a very tight testing system because this industry is very dirty and we must protect all our models.

I know you are in the process of partnering with a bareback company but what are your views on bareback porn?
Yes, there was a time where we were in the process of partnering with a bareback company but after serious investigation, testing & meetings we came to the conclusion not to proceed. We are a business to profit but not at the expense of anyone’s life. Bareback came be tricky because of the high risks of contracting HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. We all know that you can go years without showing symptoms yet you are infected with the disease ( HIV) but in the mean time you are infecting people and here at EWS we want to be on the safe side. We protect our models while they are on set, now we know what they do in the privacy of their home is their business, but we do make sure once they are on set that we test and make sure everything is up to date and accurate. As far as my views on bareback, it's a fantasy just like "thug porn" and there is a market for it.. we just aren't in that market.

Do you feel like the porn community don’t take there time to screen all there models for Std's?
STD's is a community concern because these models are men in their community who come to us to carry our fantasy. Now if they don't care about themselves in their own communities why should we care? That is where the problem lies... there needs to be some concern about these things before they come to us. This what we do at EWS, we educate first then produce. We make sure that these men know what they are getting into on and off camera, now what you take with that information is your business; we did our part. It would be wrong of us to just leave it up to the models to make sure they are concern because they can and will tell us anything to make sure they get paid. EWS is generally concerned and soon the industry as a whole will be as well, it's only a matter of time.

Do you feel like as a porn director that you as well as models as a whole don’t use your voices to fight against different causes in the community?
I don't know what other directors and models do in their the community, but we give back here at EWS. People find that hard to believe because are based in Detroit, MI and everyone knows that thugs come from Detroit; so it would make sense to say "those thugs don't do anything". FALSE, we make sure we help our community.. we are actually in the works with the community developer in efforts to help plan trees and clean up trash... after all any little thing helps.

If you could turn back the hands of time would you have done anything differently when starting Thug Seduction?
I wouldn't change anything that we have done here with ThugSeduction because everything was mean to happen the way it did, otherwise we wouldn't be where we are now. We need to take everything we do as learning blocks leading up to the bigger picture. Our past paved a way for our future and we plan on living it up.

Where do you see the company 10 years from now?
I see EWS thriving at full capacity because we are committed to what we do. We have a new PR executive as well as some new team members coming along; to ensure we have the best team possible to help us succeed. We plan on opening up several new studios around the US so that we can expand and also to make sure our models can work in a safe environment while making great income.

Do you think that Thug Seduction will ever have sub-divisions where you guys will go out and promote healthy life styles and other things in the community?
Yes... look out for that blog coming soon.

Who have been some of your favorite models to work with? Why?
I would have to say both Ace Rockwood and Freakzilla Diego because it is obvious both models are HOT and they bring the heat to the camera. SIMPLE. They are always on point and ready to work hard!!!

If you ever had to step down from being the executive director at Thug Seduction what would you want your legacy at the company to be?
I will never step down.

What can we look forward to from you guys in the near but distant future?
We have a couple of things to be on the look out for. We have a new site launching this summer called The Traphouse; a house in the middle of the hood. Lets just say " Wo knows what can go down in the hood when you put 5 horny thugs in one house for 90 days" It's going to be HOT!!!

Do you have any last words for your viewers and supporters and my viewers?
3 Words- Wrap It Up!


  1. I think it is very interesting to get into the mind of the directors of these movies. They are perfectly honest for the most part about what they see and invision. Thug Seduction seems as if they have all there ducks in a row. Hats off to you guys

  2. I love there movies and happy to hear from a boss