Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy 1 Year Anniversary

The Scoop Ent would like to take this time out to thank everyone who has made The Scoop Ent what it is today as well as those who contibuted to all of this weeks post. You guys kind words really brought a tear to my eyes and i greatly appreciate it. The Scoop was established just as an amusement venture for me. I wanted to be able to write stories and find people in the community that were able and willing to express themselves and give people a look at them behind the camera lens. As we began the writing was not as good but as we developed the writing and the interviews have gotten juicier. As the site begun to develop I had an idea to start a web talk show but as I was thinking about it Helena Hologram called me and said lets do a show together. Diversity is the face of The Scoop Entertainment. I want to take this time to thank all my faithful viewers and followers whom have supported me to infinity and beyond. Special thanks to my buds Dunkin from Dunkins Playground, Daseekah from, Dre from Thug Seduction, Blueyedsimba from Simba Productions, @BubblePOPPA @RudeBoy814 and @ MusicSoulReBEl from twitter, my girls Britt (Piggy) lol, Sam, Gayla and Ashley, all of my Interviewees, my brothers Lee, Brandon S, Brandon M, Malo, Anthony, Mario, Myke, Hakeem, Dennis, AT, Sean, Terrell, JD, Mikeal and all the others lol, My Nephews Jermaine and Kris and my parents Helena, Kevyn, and Smokey.
I dedicate my site in memory of my friend Dariel D. Pulliam Jr as he was the first person to tell me to do what I do and never let anyone stop my progress. I also want to dedicate my site to all those whom have lost someone do to the nonesense and Violence of other people. Just remember The Scoop is here to entertain everyone and will be around forever. I love all of you guys.......

I hope all of you can join us tonight In Philly for the Baltimore to Philly TAKEOVER celebrating 1 year of excellence with The Scoop Ent. We will be partying from 9-2am at club Shampoo. Hope to see you all there.

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