Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Letter from The CEO/Founder

Dear Followers and Supporters

For a year now The Scoop Ent. has been a voice for the LGBT community. We have interviewed and served as for many many people in the community. We have advocated for safe sex and even partnered with Anthoy Kilgore in starting the Dieing 4 a Nut champaign. Diversity has been the face of The Scoop Ent for this year and as we look forward diversity will continue to be the face of The Scoop Ent. We here at The Scoop are looking at the bigger picture and our future will be brighter. We have more exclusive interviews coming from Models Kevin Terrell and Noah, Pornstar Phoenix, Mr Gay United State, Quincy Soileau of Gamma Mu Phi, and so much more.....

But now its your turn to help. The Scoop Ent is looking for sponsors, excepting donations, selling ad space, looking for promoters and much more. We can not do it alone. We are working on some big things now and need more help. To make a donation simply click the donation tab on the top right hand side of the page and make any donation that you want. To buy an ad simply email me at tjsings4u@yahoo.com and we will discuss ads.

I hope you all help The Scoop move forward in our progress and the moves we are making.

Love you All
Tyrieak Mines-Wright
Founder and CEO
The Scoop Entertainment

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