Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Miami Sizzle 2011

As you all know Miami Sizzle 2011 was this weekend. Although I did not attend this year I had a few corespondants that attended to take picture and tell us about there Sizzle experience. From what I was seeing everyone was enjoying their time at the Epic Hotel, South Beach and a few other Spots as Miami welcomed the whole community of happiness

LeDerius Martin
Sizzle Miami 2011 was hot, in the figurative sense. Sexy chiseled men from all over the world piled up in Dade County to lust, mingle, and party. The Hyatt, the host hotel, was thick every day even on Monday when most people were making their way back home. Sunday's beach was the highlight of everyone's visit. On the sand where normally there were thousands of sea gulls and a couple of nude tourists, stood men of all shapes and sizes waiting on and wanting to be seen. .....I didn't go out at all. the day events wore me out too the point I didn't make it through the night.

My little brothers Ciroc Star and Prince Habooboo were also in Mia for the festivities. They both said that Sizzle this year was fun and cute. A lot of other spectators said that the day events couldnt compare to the night events. All the clubs were jumping all weekend. My buddy Dj Blaze was on the 1's and 2's at The Vault Miami, Club space and Bongo. Can we say Miami truly kicked ass....... Photo's Courtesy of Prince Habooboo

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