Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pony Zion Update

Pony Zion whom I previously interviewed almost a year ago is now coming back but in a different way. Pony's career is most noticed for his extensive work in the world of dance. Whether it be vouging or hip hop dancing along with popular artist or in his hot pepsi commercial Pony's dance can be noticed.Which you can read up more about him here

Now pony is back in the lime light as he makes his moves from dance to actually writing and singing his own music. I have actually had the privilage of previewing his new single Dark Waters and it's really really is hot. I know that I have heard him talk before about him preparing to record music but honestly I am grateful that he began this journey at this point in his life. I want to send out congrats to him in this journey and wish him the best of luck!!!! Here is the link to his single everyone go check him out.!/video/video.php?v=10150168887051795

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  1. This is the guy from ABDC Omg I loved vouge evolution and this guy was hott..... I never knew he was doing music but Im sure that will be hott aas well