Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Words for the Anniversary

As Promised I would release statements everyday from those i have interviewed and family and here is the second installment.

I remember when I met Tyrieak Mines-Wright. He just put out an interview with DJ Blaze, of Miami, FL. Loving the work he did i decided I would check out his site to see what more he had to offer. I was surprised at the people he had interviewed and his drive. I then introduced myself to him. As we know in the LGBT community sometimes you go to introduce yourself to someone and you may or may not get the best representation of them. I must say since that intro he has not only become a co-laborer in the field of entertaining and informing the world of the LGBT community but he has become a friend. What he means to me is proof God puts angels on Earth to come smile, work, and love. Thank you for all you do Tyrieak.

Tyson Anyae

My first time meeting Tyrieak was through my friend and soul sister, Helena Hologram. From the very first hello, Tyrieak's warmth and character war revealed. Many times in the LGBT community, walls are built and attitudes exude. It is refreshing to meet someone who breaks down those walls and welcomes new friendships and bonds. I am happy to add Tyrieak to my gay family. Scoop Ent. is a valuable source of information and news for the LGBT community. It allows members of our community to showcase their talents and unique abilities. Scoop Ent. provides and outlet for our voices to be heard. In order for any person to grow and love, they must first have confidence and love for themselves. Scoop Ent. allows for that confidence to be displayed, thereby pushing others to grow...


Well to start off tyrieak and i have been friends for a while. He's always there in my time of need and always encourages me to do better!!! The Scoop Ent is powerful and uplifting in ways unimaginable. It gives the opportunity to learn about other peoples experiences and preparing for there own!


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