Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Words for the Anniversary

Dunkin St. Laurent
The Scoop has reached its 1 year milestone on the net and in gay terms that's like 50 years so all I can say is hope it last another " 50 years". I think the scoop entertainment is on its way to do great thing in the LBGT community and I have to commend the founder of it; TJ for keeping up the positivity. A lot of people get negative in this industry to keep their longivity and he did the opposite. Keep doing what you do and having fun with it.
Dunkin St. Laurent CEO of Dunkins Playground ( DSL Productions LLC )


What Tyrieak and The Scoop Ent mean to me
Well Tyrieak mean lot to because he help me get threw a lot of family drama and he always there when I need him he truthful, a great listen gives outstanding ideas and great advice. The scoop mean a lot to me because it help me get over a past relationship it also help be make better decisions. I look at the scoop like it a go to guy I can always count on them. The one thing about the scoop that I like is that it a very open minded. I also like that it reach out to people who are afraid to talk about there problems. I love the fact that they don’t turn nobody away..

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