Friday, May 13, 2011

Words for the Anniversary

Kevyn M
Tj aka Tyrieak Mines-Wright, The Scoop, MY SON, I love him. We have grown so much since we've been in each others' life and still have so much more growing to do. I am inspired by his drive and ambition to entertain as well as reach out and touch the lives of many different people. I've learned that TJ has a heart of a child. Very hopeful, wishing the best, wanting the best. Looking to inspire, laugh, share, and really have a good time. I value his strong love, respect and appreciation for FAMILY, and for being there for me in some of my toughest moments. I enjoy Lashing Out with Helena Hologram. It reaches out to the LGBT Community and they are so real and in your face with their message. TJ has also reached out with the Unity Foundation supplying goods for people in need, AND His Safer-Sex campaign , Dying For  A Nut! With so much going in his life I wonder when he gets a chance to sleep!  I love you SON

 My son, who is known by many different names, can be a handful at times! He is very ambitious and has great dreams. He works hard and diligently at fulfilling them. He is constantly growing and maturing and I love him for that!!! His organization is something that puts hopes into my eyes. The Scoop Ent  being a youth based organization shows me that kids care and all hope is not lost for mankind!  I love him and I hope he continues to succeed!!!

Tyrieak's site is an expression of one's self. If u take time to realize how much work he puts intohis project,you will realize what this truly means to him and what it will mean to you. I believe that we all can learn from each other but most of all,learn from people who give out true information. So let's support one of my favorite sites and hopefully,one that will be important to others to come

Prince Habooboo
I feel anniversaries are to reflect growth, and growth you and your site have symbolized. You're my friend as well as my bro as well as a caring man to all. If I'm going through anything your always there for me, with an ear and a shoulder if I need. "The Scoop" has come into its own due to good management of course. Cheers to another year to come, and another, and another!

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