Wednesday, June 8, 2011

ATL Exotic Dancer Series 1: Taz

So I have the privilege of present to you all the very first installment into my ATL Exotic Dancer Series. I met Taz via twitter and when I tell you dude is a barrel of fun that's what I mean. Check him out!!

Well hello how is everyone I'm so honor to be doing this interview with such a great person...

Who is Taz?

Well my name is TAZ a.k.a. ARIES i was born and raised in Gainesville,fl on March 29,1985 to a great mother, i currently live in Atlanta,GA I'm 26yrs old and I'm proud to say my zodiac sign is an ARIES, just like my government name so that's what makes me special in my own way. Im currently an exotic dancer and stripper for a couple clubs here in Atlanta like Club WETINATL,STUDIO 63, RT PARTIES,FAB5ATL and with Florida BRO2BRO PRODUCTIONS i also travel performing and dancing in different cities and states.

What made you choose the name Taz?
Lets see what made me choose the name....hmmm interesting I always liked the cartoon,and how much trouble he got himself into and how fast he spinned around, so I was like I'm gonna name myself TAZ then I went and got the tattoo on my chest as a symbol of who I am,and then it became who I am today where my name is my brand a person that lets nothing gets in my way LOL.

At what age did you become an exotic dancer?
LOL.I was dancing underage in Florida back in 2005 then I later seen a couple really great exotic dancers performing with K-ROC Productions R.I.P. to K-roc, but I was like I'm gonna become an dancer when I  turn 21 and I looked into just that focus and determine to be a dancer so when i moved to Atlanta in 2007 I begin partying and clubbing 7 days a week just tryna see what the city had to offer and learning more about exotic dancing

Who would you say some of your influences were? Why?
Hmmm its kinda hard to say who influences me but I can say I learn a lot from watching some exotic dancers like - Panther,Vishus,Superman,K-ROC Productions, and with that being said I knew that they loved to entertain and the passion they had on the stage was everything to them and to give the crowd what they wanna see.

What was growing up like for you?
Oh no! well for me it was fun,loving and caring my family is everything to me and I came across alot in my childhood but no matter what they stood by my side but every lesson is a blessing, I was and still am a mom's boy she always spoiled me still to this day and my dad was strict so it was best of both,but my step-father is awesome he is really fun to be around be can I tell ya he talks about the army like I wanna be in it,Not in this but I have a great family I have 1 brother and 2 sisters which makes me the oldest we had some good and bad times but the love is still there and can I say sometimes I wish I was the only played alot of sports track and field was my favorite state champion I was,but like every child you learn things on your own once you become 18...

At what age did you come out to your family?
Well I don't know when this was I think in high school I start leaving girls alone cause I almost had a baby in 9th grade so I was like I'm too young for kids but all I know is as long as I respected my family they was ok with it me being who I am.

What would you say the hardest part of coming out was?
Most of all the respect people would have for me,my family and what would they say,the friends I hung around and how will I survive in the cruel world if anyone called me certain names looked at me wrong or passed miss judgement it was many things going thru my mind on when and where was the right time to come out to my family...

Do you think that when you came out people started viewing you differently?
Nope not at all cause once I became who I was I really didn't care what people think of me, as long as my mom and family was behind me and that no matter what I did or do I could've cared less and my grandma always said "nobody's perfect and god created the heaven and the earth", I believe in god and without him I wouldn't believe in myself and still to this day i get judged on what I do but I continue doing it by making the impossibles into possibles.

Tell me more about your exotic dancing career?
Well I love the dancing,the shows/performances,the fans,and friends that's behind me 100% its alot of competition in this business you have to learn that some people gonna hate and some gonna love some will teach you what you need to know and some will let you learn on your own but so far I'm having an amazing career especially since Ive been in Atlanta..but I believe the best is yet to come just wait and see

What is it that you bring to the ATL Exotic Dancing scene?
OH MY! lets see I'm sexy,chocolate, but I'm very fun to be around I like to entertain,hangout with dancers,club and enjoy this life and body of mines while I still have and also My Personality is funny, loving and caring all in one. A lot of people say they love being around me. I never understood why, maybe because I'm a free spirit. I love myself, I love the way I am and I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. I feel like if your true to yourself and others people will respect you even more.

Do you think that there is alot of competition in the field?
YES! its a great amount of competition in this industry, locally,nationally and internationally every dancer wanna be the best and every dancer is in they own unique way but you have to understand in order to be the best you have to dance with the best and I love every minute of it, ive always loved to dance and learn from experts because its never to late to become a better dancer.

Do you feel like as entertainers, bloggers and other prominent figures in the LGBT community under use their voices against different things that we as a community face?
YES! Because when most people use the word "gay" they're immediately going on how someone carries themselves or looks. Being gay can mean a lot of things, you can become gay from bad experiences like rape,molested etc.,you cant hide it,in this community due to what life brings with it you have to face a challenge everyday in life and that's being who you are by learning and continue having goals, knowing what you want out of life, your personality and so on. You don't have to look or be a certain person to be seen or heard, In my eyes everyone has they own opinion and actions speaks louder than words.

Now Some fun Questions

Are you currently single?
Not at the moment I'm happily in a relationship I've been dating 1 person for the last 6 months J.C.S...and all I can say is I'm LOVED!

Who is your biggest competition in the Atl Exotic dancing circuit?
LOL. hmmm! that's a hard question just know I'm still here dancing in Atlanta, and to remain in competition in this city you have to have what it takes to compete, so!

What is your best feature?
You be the judge....but many people say My Phat Ass,my "TAZ" tattoo on my chest,an my overall appearance....LOL!

What is you favorite thing to do when you are dancing?
Shaking,dropping and bouncing my ass to the sounds of the music...

What is it that you look for in a man?
No need for me to look Ive already found him, but for those who's looking I recommend that your soul mate has to know what he wants out of life, he has to be funny, adventurous, loving and caring. He has to understand that you will be meeting new people everyday. He can't have trust issues, and more importantly he just has to be himself. I love seeing the real person instead of seeing the person that there trying to be.

What is one word to best describe you? Why?
SEXY! Because being sexy and having an sex appeal refers to an individuals ability to attract or erotic interest of another person. The attraction can be to the physical or other qualities or traits of a person, or to such qualities in the context in which they appear.

What can we look forward to from Taz in the future?
Well I'm actually getting ready for a new photoshoot with Seven Photography, and I'm getting ready for some new adventures so you guys will have to wait and see whats next....for the remaining of 2011 and years to come

Do you have any last words for your fans and my viewers?
Advice I have for the new era of male exotic dancers is to be dedicated to your hopes and dreams. People will try their best to bring you down when they see you reaching for success and more importantly NEVER let anyone hand you your career!