Monday, June 6, 2011

The Crawford Chronicles: Damien Crawford Interview

So its very rare that I get these types of interviews so with everyone I count it as a privilege to be able to present them. Hot new upcoming recording artist Damien Crawford is bursting on the scene. The guys vocal ability is very great. Trust I feel in love with the music as soon as I heard it. With out further do Mr Damien Crawford.

Who is Damien Crawford?
Damien Crawford is a singer/songwriter/entertainer. He's confident, edgy, and courageous. His lyrical stylings are other wordly, yet relateable, and his musical genre is pop mixed with hip-hop and r&b. He refers to this styling as "Urban Pop."

When did you begin pursuing your career as a recording artist?
I've been a musician since I was 7. I play the saxophone, trumpet, french horn, and piano. I've always loved to sing but never pursued it until after college. A friend of mine invited me to her studio and I started recording covers. Soon after, I started writing and recording my own music. The first song I wrote for my project was called "Show Me The Light." Once my contacts at the studio heard the song, they immediately noticed that something major was in the works!

What was growing up like for you?
I had a great childhood. I'm an only child raised by a single mother and my grandparents. My mom always called me a "poor little rich kid." She was able to give me whatever I wanted and I truly appreciate her for that. She taught me how to be a man and provide for myself and get the things I desire. My parents taught me the importance of education. I made a promise to my grandmother before she passed that I would receive a bachelors and Masters degree. I am proud to say that I kept my promise!

At what age did you begin singing?
I've been singing since I was in the womb. My biggest audience was shower walls and the inside of my car (lol).

Who were some of your major influences in entertainment?
Beyonce is a huge influence of mine. Her work ethic is incredible and her talent is insurmountable. She is definitely an amazing performer and an extremely intelligent business woman. She has created a successful brand, in which many artists are also striving to create. Diddy is also another music pioneer who has made a huge impact in the music business. Many may say that his arrogance is distasteful, but at the end of the day he is an incredible mogul and business man who produces successful products.

What was you first time like in the studio?
I was extremely nervous. I always thought the studio was like what I saw on TV (i.e. tons of people in the room watching you record, crazy parties in the booth, etc...) In all actuality, I was able to have a closed session with just the engineer and myself. He allowed me to mess up and provided constructive criticism. The studio became my therapy and my classroom. I was able to let out everything I was thinking and learn about the recording process.

Do you find it hard to write songs that will appeal to both the heterosexual community as well as the homosexual?
Not at all. I write for everybody. My songs are unisex. Whether your a man, woman, straight, gay, you will be able to sing my words as I wrote them.

Do you think the world is ready to accept an openly gay artist?
I think so. The world has accepted a black president, why cant we accept a gay artist? I think today's social media and technology has given everyone enough education and exposure to different lifestyles for people to accept the reality of this world. We are all different, yet exactly the same. That's what makes us human.

What are some of your inspirations behind your songs?
I wanted to make quality music that would be timeless. I wrote meaningful lyrics and picked melodies that individuals could listen to for decades. "Believe In Your Heart" is an amazing ballad that was written for my mother's wedding. This song was meant to be a major wedding anthem for brides and grooms to use until the end of time.

Do you have any performances coming up?
Yes! I will be headlining my first Music Showcase on June 26th at Studio 44 aka Chez Maree in Plainfield, NJ. Acts include talented artists such as Ty Wilson, A-Natural, Reason Beings, M-16, Shyori, and Christ & Crillz. The event is being hosted by the infamous Two Headed Monsta. Red Carpet from 7-8:30 show starts at 9PM Sharp!

What is one thing that you do right before you perform?
My good luck dance with my background singers and dancers. Helps get the gitters out.

Can you walk us through a day in the life of Damien Crawford?
I get up, I walk my dog (Chester), eat a bowl of cheerios or frosted flakes and head to my 9-5. After 5, I really become Damien Crawford. Depending on the day I may have a 5 hour rehearsal with my background singers or a grueling rehearsal with my choreographer and dancers. Since the album has been out I have been doing alot of video interviews and attending events all over the east coast to promote myself and the album. In my spare time I try to get to the gym, spend time with family and friends, and write more music.

What can we look forward to from Damien Crawford in the future?
Many more performances, and another album in the next year!

Do you have any final words for your fans and my viewers?
Remember to believe in yourself even if no one else does. Nothing is ever a failure, but always a lesson!

Twitter: @Dcrawford720

Download link: (download for FREE)


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  3. This is Damien Crawford's mother; I am so proud of him! My wedding song is beautiful....and the entire album is great...