Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Marlowe Rainbow vs Septimius The Great

So as promised for many many weeks I have the great pleasure of bringing to you all Mr INC himself Marlowe Rainbow. He really sat down and gave us The scoop on him his life and both of his careers.

Who is Marlowe Rainbow?
Marlowe Rainbow is a gay international male-lead entertainer, international male pageant titleholder, CEO of Mr and Miss International, Inc, and Founder and CEO of Men of Rainbow and the Rainbow Family but before then I was Marlowe Revlon – a legendary house kid known for Dark n Lovely face and American Male Runway.

Who is Septimius?
 Created in July 2010 - Septimius The Great is an unknown sexual preference international Hip Hop, Pop, Dance and Rock music recording artist with a great sound, look and stage show – Completely separated from Marlowe Rainbow

What was growing up like for you?
Growning up, Marlowe was the only child and raised by a working mother in Baltimore City . Always looking for love and always wanted to be around people and yearning for my father’s love. Always was the center of attention and surrounded by lots of friends (not many family members). I grew up basically alone until I was 16 when I found out that I had 3 sisters by my Father. So it was an instant bond and even more a relief of beginning to know who I was and who I was to become (gay male). At 17, I learned that 2 of my sisters where dominate lesbians and I learned that I was attracted to guys (lol). My last year in high school was coming out year as a DL brother (having both a girl friend and boy friend on the side). My mom, passed away when while I was in college at Point Loma Univ in San Diego , CA , which left me to grow up and take a hold of my life. So at 18 I was living on my own, with my own house, cars, and experimented more with guys. I met a fellow male model which I started seeing and ended up in 4 yr relationship which was my first long term relationship, so I made a lot of mistakes in it. I quickly got a reputation of being the hot new gay man with good sex, big dick and money. So for several years after that I was always in a relationship (4 yrs here, 3 yrs there and so on) but I still had a high sex drive and a thirst for boy pussy. During this period of my life – I was also an angry man due my mother’s death – so I suffered with anger problems. This caused me to in and out of trouble with the law from 18 yrs old – 28yrs old. Being a true Gemini, during this period I was male model, fashion show producer, Revlon House-kid, Entrepreneur, Male Lip-Sync performer, Male Pageant Titleholder, and now a music artist. As you can see I’m a man of many faces and talents. Now, that has passed and I’m the best man that I can be – a better lover, a better friend, a better person with husband-like qualities.

What is your coming out story?
 I have 2 coming out situations since I came out on the DL and then Out as a gay male.
1. When I was 17yrs old - My first DL experience was while I was in high school and started hanging out with some friends of sister. I started visiting gay clubs with her and got to know her crew. My sister was my role model for the gay life so I instantly learned to like and always be a Top. Since I was fresh meat on the scene – I got hit on everywhere we went so with my hormones raging I let some of her friends suck my dick and then I ended up fucking most of them – lol
2. When I was 19yrs old - My first gay experience was when I was modeling, I met this fellow male model who was cool as shit. We got drunk one night after a show and started to talk about our personal life. I confessed to him about how I liked his lips and how fine he was if I didn’t have a girlfriend that I would def wanna him to be mine. That night I got him to suck my dick and let me put the head in him. Next thing you know I was in a 4 yr relationship.

When did you become apart of the Rainbow family?
I started the Rainbow Models (which was role models for the community) when I was 30 yrs old as a community group of black, white, latino and asian gay, lesbian, bi and transgender people. Our mission was to bridge the gap between gay, straight, black and white communities in Baltimore , MD. We were not a performing group per say until we were asked to be backup dancer for a local drag pageant, so 3 of us started the journey of on-stage performers. Then, I decided to separate the 3 males from the Rainbow Models and create the Men of Rainbow which was Me, Roy and Donald. I promoted and marketed the group as an all male lip sync group as the original group (rainbow models) dissolved. We were an instant success in the Baltimore drag community thanks to the help of Onyx Revlon, D’Marje and Shawnna Alexander. We then branched into DC area with help from Maxine Blue and then we catapulted to national tours of 32 cities per year. In 2005, I started my next chapter in my life as Marlowe Rainbow in the pageant world and as male solo lip sync artist during this evolution I started the Rainbow family. The Rainbow Family consists of lip sync artists, photographers, staging and prop artists, security guards, limo drivers, pageant titleholders, music recording artists, etc.

Who was your influence on gettin into performing male illusion for lack of terming?
 When I started this, I had no male influence so I used instinct and common sence to mold my character and style. We always were a trendsetter and appeared and performed like no other. So I would say we were pioneers of male group lip sync artists. By the time I became a solo artist I had developed and created my own style, sound and character.

When did you come up with the idea of starting your own pageant system?
 I started pageants in May 2005, and my first state title was Mr. Maryland USA Classique and then August 2005 I also become Mr. Maryland Black National. Then In October 2005, I won my first regional title – Mr. East Coast Black USofA. The in November 2005, I won my first National title as Mr. Black National in DC. Then 5 months later I won my 2nd national title as Mr. USA Classique in NC. Also, in 2006 I got another national title as Mr. North America Supreme making me a triple national titleholder which is rarely ever accomplished. Then in 2007, I got my first international pageant titleholder as Mr. International which open my eyes to the world and the sky was the limit. I quickly learned the business side of pageants and saw that there is much more reward from doing pageants then creating a name for Marlowe Rainbow. After my reign as Mr. International in 2008, I became Chief Operations Officer (C.O.O.) of the International Pageantry system and took it to the next level with a presence in 12 states and 4 countries. Then in 2009, I incorporated the pageant system as legalized company and became CEO of the Mr and Miss International, Inc. pageantry system. Now we have a presence in 28 states and 6 countries.

What sets INC apart from all the other pageant systems out there?
I designed INC to be different…. Not for Divas to parade around the clubs and show off and having nothing to show for it. So INC is and will be different because we are not just a pageant system but instead being more community service oriented. But most of all, we target black, whites, latinos and asian that speak other languages and have various cultural things to present on stage. We are an all-inclusive system as well which has divisions for Lesbian, Gays and Transgenders. Our divisions and categories are designed to not limit ones creativity and abilities with rules, guidelines and regulations.

I must say I attended an INC pageant in 2010 and it was very well put together, How much planning goes into your pageants leading up until that day?
There is a different level of difficulty for a City vs State vs Regional vs National vs International pageants
City – Low complexity - the easiest, at a small local bar/club, 60 days of planning and with a budget of $3,000 – 5,000
State – medium complexity, at a premier local/bar or auditorium, 90-120 days of planning with a budget of $5,000 - $7,000
Regional – Medium complexity, at a premier local/bar or auditorium, 90 – 120 days of planning with a budget $7,000
National – High complexity, at a large auditorium/Hall, 120 – 180 days of planning with budget $7,000 - $10,000
International – Extreme High complexity, at auditorium, theatre, hall, 180 – 365 days of planning budget $10,000 - $25,000
I have been a pageant promoter for the Miss Club Bunns pageant at Club Bunns, Mr and Miss Maryland Black National pageant at Club Bunns, Mr and Miss Maryland USA Classique pageant at the Hippo and now Mr and Miss International, Inc at Alamo Theatre in Jackson, MS

So what developed your passion for singing?
 I never thought I would be a singer/rapper. I dabbled with it in 2003 as a background rapper for a local female artist but it wasn’t my area of expertise. But then in 2010, I decided to try it again and wanted to release just one cd single for fashion shows and fashion weeks around the world. That quickly turned into a full music cd production of up to 15 songs. In this past year, I have learned to perform live as a music artist, write my own songs, produce my own songs and created yet another alter ego – Septimius The Great but this time on a more mainstream level and not in the gay community but at the same time being gay friendly.

So since Septimius is an openly gay artist do you think that people will look at him differently?
The Great is not a gay recording artist but better defined as a True Roman Emperor. When in rome you do as the romans do J I wanted to be accepted by all people and all community and only judge on my character, music, style and show.

What do you look for your music to do in the community?
After interviewing and researching Lady Gaga management team, I have adopted the formula of being different, questionable, unique and unlike any other artist out there. My moto is to educate and entertain thru fashion and music.
My music is written, produced and mixed to create a new genre of Music called Couture POP which is a fusion of Pop, Hip Hop, Opera, Rock and Dance which designed to bring all worlds together no matter your race, color, creed or sexual preference.
Educate – Septimius the Great was created from the actual real First African Roman Emperor – Septimius Severus, who reigned 193AD to 211AD
Entertain – Performing on stage shows with full stage productions with dancers, props and theatrical meaning
Fashion – Bring Ancient Roman style of dress to Our New Today World style
Music – Debut album “The New Rome” with CD single releases in 2011 and full CD release in Dec 2011.

What do you feel will set you aside from any other gay artist out there?
I’m not gay artist but instead a true roman…… I will be different because of my sound, style and visual content especially from a male perspective who is not afraid being judged by his peers.

What is one of the most important things you have learned throughout your travels in life?
 I have learned most of all to not be closed minded to new and different things and just because that is the way your neighborhood or region acts and carry themselves – that to remember that is not the world acts. To be cultured is to be able to fit into any environment or community and blend it with being uncomfortable or forced. Traveling to different communities, cities, states, regions and countries gives you the advantage being black, white, latino, asian, rich, poor, gay, straight, educated, uneducated, ghetto, and high class with the ability to become it all as a international human being.

What is one thing that you have to say to someone looking to either break out into the world of pageantry or of being a recording artist?
Pageantry – pageants are good avenue to build for confidence, self-esteem and talents. You can become very good at or very bad at it, it can build you up or tare you down, it cost a lot to be in it and you will most times never re-coop that back. You can become very popular and well respected or popular and hated. The thing is to learn the good and bad from it and make yourself a better person, titleholder and business person.
Recording Artist – same thing but the opportunity is much larger and the rewards are far greater but remember with rewards comes great risks. Most time you fall but you have find the strength to carry on and make the best of it.
Pageants and Music is just a game and to win at it, you just have to learn how to play and master it.

Do you have any last words for your fans and my viewers?
Fans and haters – Marlowe, Marlowe Rainbow or Septimius The Great are extensions of my mother and father’s child. I do this not to be famous and popular but instead to be rich, respected, powerful, and most of all remembered……. My journey is create a legacy that young men all walks of life can look up to as a role model even with my faults and successes.