Monday, June 13, 2011

Mr Gay United States: Christian Amir France

So I have the honor of presenting to you all Mr. Gay United States Christian Amir France. Christian is really proud of his accomplishment and has decided to come give us his Scoop.

First off Thank You so much for doing this interview with me...
Of course... Of course... You're welcome! Anything for you! Thanks for thinking of me to be interviewed.

Who is ChristianAmir France?
  Christian Amir France is a male lead performer from VA that has lived in Washington, DC for 9 years now.

When did you start performing?
 I started performing while in college in Richmond, VA studying Mass Communications at VCU. It really happened on a fluke. I had a friend who was a male lead that was celebrating his birthday by having a show. I asked him what he wanted for his birthday and he said for me to perform. The rest is history... I've been hooked ever since.

What was growing up like for you?
Growing up for me was pretty normal. I was class president, played tennis, honor student, was even on a high school step team. I feel blessed and fortunate to come from a pretty cool and eclectic family who has always loved and supported me.

What was coming out like for you?
I don't think I was ever really IN. LOL I was a momma's boy so before I was ever sexual or knew want gay was I had that label. I have to say I was never bullied the occasional "faggot" comment when someone got mad at me but for the most part it was not that bad.

Did your family and friends change towards you when you came out?
 NOT AT ALL! I actually almost lost my best friend, who is straight, when I finally CONFIRMED the suspicions, NOT because I was gay but because he felt like I didn't believe in our friendship and character that we would still be friends regardless. Now that's FRIENDSHIP!

When did you begin in the pageant circuit?
 WOW my first pageant was Janaury 7 or 9, 2003 Mr. DC Newcomer. I won! I learned a lot from that experience. It taught me to DO MY RESEARCH and no just run for anything.

How many pageant have you ran for?

What has been you favorite pageant system? Why?
Wow, good question. I have to say United States Pageantry System. I have learned so much about myself from having to compete for two prelims, to dealing with prelim owners, owners, traveling, performing, booking. I think anyone who has know me from my beginnings I have come a long way from my start as a back up dancer/prop maker.

Congratulations on your win as Mr Gay United States.
Thank you!

How was your experience for that pageant this year?
It was really good. National Pageants have an identity and feel all their own. It felt like it came straight out of a movie or storybook. I felt like prior I had gone through so much and had changed so much that when I got there I was so nervous. I had nothing to do. I was completely in shock when they called my name. If you look at the 1st 10 photos after they crowned me I was so stunned that they had to call my name, they had to finally tell me SMILE. LOL That night is forever etched in my mind.

What was preparing for Mr Gay US like for you?
 Boot Camp... Hell on earth! LOL Naw, all jokes aside, its about committing to the goal and assessing yourself as an entertainer and what its going to take to make you NATIONAL. Its always hard to have to look at your faults, flaws, and down falls. No one wants or likes doing that. But that's what prepares you to capture that National title. It forces you to deal with those things head on so you can present the best YOU. I had to come to the realization that I needed to invest in costuming and find my niche in talent. I'm not only a better entertainer but a better person for it.

As Mr Gay US what do you feel like your roles and responsibilities are?
As, Mr. Gay United States, my roles and responsibilities are to promote and recruit for the system. I love this system because they allow me to make my own schedule so that I can promote by putting my best foot forward by doing things that work for me. I've done 3 National walks, judged 2 National Pageants, been on 2 show cast, performed in several major cities and I think I'm completely book until my give up in September. I just don't want it to end.

I have to as you do you feel like the crown makes the person or the person make the crown?
OK for the pageant question. LOL That's a no brainer.... the Person makes the crown. There are numerous titles and systems "crowns" out there. Year after year a whole new crop gets the opportunity to reign. It's up to each King and Queen to make there year memorable.

Have the previous Mr Gay United States made your job and task difficult or easier to carry out?
Easier, once crowned its like being the newest member of a fraternity. They have been so supportive and loving. Their advice has been monumental in my reign. They know exactly what you're going through. I'm #7! LOL We go by order we're crowned. It's an amazing brotherhood to be a part of. And not just the Mr.'s the Miss's have been some of the best sisters a guy could ask for. My queen and I are having a great reign together.

What are some other things that you enjoy doing in your off time?
Eating good food, dancing, hanging out with friends, shopping, working out, and working in my fraternity.

Will Mr Gay US be the last pageant you run for a while or will there be more?
I've been bit by the bug! There will be more. Once you have a taste of being national you never want to give it up.

You are very hot, allow me to get a little personal, Are you currently single?
Wow, awww thank you sooo much. I'm blushing! I never see myself as sexy. To answer your question, YES, I'm single.

Do you think that in DC its is easier for male performers to get work vs Baltimore where the except female illusionist more?
I have not had problems working in either city. I think both cities are open to male performers. I am received and welcomed quite nicely in both.

What can we look forward to from Christian Amir France in the future?
Well, since this is my first National, its only up from here. I plan to compete again and keep performing. I have taken on 2 new roles as show coordinator and COO of Black National Prince and Princess. So I'm enjoying all the possibilities the future holds.

Do you have any last words for your fans and my viewers?
Yes, I just want to take this medium to thank any and everyone who has supported me and be with me on this journey. Your support drives me to be better and do better each time you see me. I would like to especially thank Tony Nelson, Xavier Cole, Onyx D'vogue, Brandi Courvoisier, Victoria C. Snow, Whitney France, Malaysia Black, Eric Rainbow, Monet Dupree, Theresa Beavers-Jackson, Tommie Ross, The Bachelor's Mill, Remington's, The Omega, the Apex, Black National Pageantry System & Gay United States Pageantry System. I'm sure I forgot someone but charge it to my head and not my heart. I love you all. Mr. Gay United States 2011

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